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  1. Looking for the same glitter color used by RA Lil Dipper Money shot Violet, and Zoom Electric Shad. It’s Violet/Purple but also looks blue/green at some angles. Walleye seem to really like it. Thanks John
  2. Buy color change paints. Lots of choices out there just Google Color Change Paint.
  3. Dinger has a DB200 that says very similar to the Bandit 200, but doesn’t look like its a one knocker style bait.
  4. Looks like a Bandit 100 or 200 KO to me.
  5. Is this the new Predator RK 55 or from the old manufacturer? If new what are thoughts on quality?
  6. What do you mean, UV stuff?
  7. I think those are 6mm.
  8. Water Wolf, will change the way you fish cranks.
  9. What eyes did you use on this bait?
  10. NM Hevi

    Blade Baits

    I pour my own, then paint them. If your talking about Silver Buddy style baits.
  11. I’ve read that you put your intended hook into the mold, close it, and tap sharply with a hammer to make an outline of your hook, then Drexel it to size. Any truth to this? Or will this damage your mold?
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