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  1. All depends on what firetiger's your trying to match.
  2. Is your Angling ai mold still available
  3. Here is the metal tape on the outside of mold with a pin hole in it. Fixed my problems tail fills Perfectly every time now
  4. This is how I fix the Abrupt 90゚ angle in the tail portion of the mold
  5. In the deepest part of the tail drill a 1/16 hole then on the outside cover with metal tape. Take a pin Poke a small hole in the center of the tape pour. I have a few mold I had to do this. Problem Solved instantly
  6. Do you want your own mold or just someone to make them.
  7. Send me your email. I can make you super flukes no problem
  8. Hi Frank I was told by Bruce that it the same paint just uncut more of a solid Concentrate version . VPI needs to be cut with thinners
  9. Send your email address. I maybe able to help you out
  10. Still have the molds left
  11. Can you email me. Like a few molds. dembill15@gmail.com
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