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  1. I think the weight is the main factor and location that it’s being shipped too. I wish theirs a company in the U.S that sells this stuff that would be willing to sell to the small DYI guys.
  2. Thank you. Now I need to see if I can find someone here in the US that sells this stuff. I wouldn’t mind buying a gallon and play around with it. Wonder if I can hear it up similar to plastisol in the microwave.
  3. Yea I that’s where I seen them at. Actually that guy is a member of one of my groups the “lead pouring techniques and jig making” but his pretty tire lip of what the material is.
  4. I’m actually referring to the material that was used to make the mold. I know it’s made of some type of carbon compound
  5. Hey guys does anyone know what this material is and where I can find it at. The guy that made this said it was made of carbon. But it doesn’t look like regular carbon fiber with resin. Actually he said no resin was used to make this mold. Anyone have any experience with what this might be. Thanks.
  6. Do you have a link to the website of this maker by any chance?
  7. Hey guys looking for advice on what’s the best tool that won’t break the bank but get the job done. I need to make some wire through forms for some slow fall jigs and they have to be pretty damm close so they fit the mold. What do you guys recommend for a tool and I really don’t want to use pliers so is their something out their. Ps for some reason I haven’t been able to load up any photos
  8. Ok everyone got a question about mustad hooks. I’m familiar with the 32786 mustad ultra point hooks and think their great. Just recently I purchased some 32786bln from a guy for a great price. One I got them I compared them to the ones I have and they did have some inconsistency’s. First the nickle finish is not as black as the current hooks and also the barb was a bit longer than the current mustad 32786. I also noticed that the very tip was more of a round shape on the ones I just bought and the newer ones have like a cone or pyramid type tip and it the bend wasn’t exactly the same. Although all the hooks (500) of them are very consistent to each other. So i did bring this concerns up to the seller and he said that they were old stock at least 15 years old if not older and that he had purchased them from a company called R3 baits when they closed down. He did send me pictures of the boxes and they did look different from the new boxes. So i guess I would like to find out is was the 32786 hook change or upgrades throughout the years? Did they change the finish from bien a almost gun metal blackish nickle to more of black nickle? Did they change from being 32786bln to ultra point and would cause the differences I noticed. Im uploading some pictures of the hooks and boxes. The new or real is what I recently got and the ones with old or a question mark are the “old” or questionable hooks. I also circled what my concerns are on the hooks and hope someone can confirm if they are authentic but old stock and style hooks or if they are fakes Thanks guys
  9. Thank you for replying back. Actually the guy I got them from said he bought them from you guys. They where packaged in plastic bags with a strip of paper with the info printed on them. But thanks for confirming that they actually do or did exist.
  10. I use mustad 32786 black nickel hooks or mustad 91715 duratin hooks. Another cheaper alternative is eagle claw 735 or 413
  11. I have a question. What do you use to vulcanize the silicone mold rubber. I've been wanting to give this a shot. Thanks
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