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  1. if you are going to bass fish, a 5 inch senko style stick bait mold is a must. Do it essential series are only about $35 bucks for 4 cavity new. They do not have a shiny finish when done, but out of the 30+ molds I have and fish, those baits have out fished every other by far.
  2. Thanks MEL , I will have to purchase some and give it a try
  3. I have the baitmolds aluminum d bomb in 4 cavity. believe it is on page 11 of aluminum molds
  4. Is there a bb sized (1/64) removable splitshot mold available? TIA
  5. Boss makes some very good powder paint and has some unique colors as well. Available at fishingskirts.com
  6. I am using a #4 blade, .026 wire, 3/16 do it worm nose sinker and a 5/32" bead behind the blade, and a #8 hook. Total weight is a touch over 5/16. I do the same for total weight of 3/16, but with 1/8 worm nose sinker and #3 blade. Messed around with many combos but these are the only ones that did not have any issues. These work great equally with slow and fast retrieves.
  7. Not sure what the material is made of but have seen these molds on facebook on multiple bait making pages. Claim they last forever and can make any custom jigheads or baits. If I see them I will post a link.
  8. The easiest way to paint is to pour with the provided steel pin, then remove and replace with a teflon pin. Then paint with teflon pin intact and remove the pin after baking and curing paint. Then epoxy your weedguard in after paint is complete. You could also pour with teflon pin instead of steel one. The teflon pins are reusable and readily available. I purchased teflon rods of the proper diameter from amazon and cut them into pins.
  9. STO76

    plastic packaging tubes (lot)

    I live in Bainbridge,NY 13733.
  10. STO76

    molds for sale

    BT bomb - SOLD
  11. STO76

    molds for sale

    4 cavity Basstackle 4.2" BT bomb - $135 TYD 6 cavity Angling AI 4' T-tail - $120 TYD
  12. Check out Quality Injector & More. They are on Facebook and may have a website. Newer company makes all the way up to a 20oz. injector.
  13. I use a paper clip bent straight with a small kink to keep the weight from sliding off,then bend the top in a hook shape to hang in my toaster oven. I prep a bunch with the clips, hold them by the top hook,then heat and dip in my powder paint and hang in oven. Have 100% success with no issues. I do the same process with all wire through lead baits. Paper clips are about $2 a box and I use them for multiple shop tasks including cleaning out hook eyes prior to baking.
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