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  1. Last August, I posted a topic featuring my Bristle Free Jig, and asked for help with on the water testing. Jig Man responded and actually tested the jig on Table Rock Lake, and reported his results here. (August, 2021). Since then, I’ve tweaked the head design by modifying the center of gravity in the jig head to produce a swim jig. (One that runs with the hook upright). Now I’m looking at this trial design, and am wondering if it could be skipped. Is there an expert skipper out there who could water test this jig and provide an answer here? If so, PM me with shipping info, and I will send you one at no cost to you. There are only three of these jigs in existence, photo attached. Pick your color!
  2. Thanks, Bdnoble 84. PM me with your address, and the colors you want, black&blue, shad (white), olive (bluegill), or craw (brown).
  3. Thanks for the feedback, Jig Man. It’s greatly appreciated!
  4. JIG MAN, Lake of the Ozarks is where I first recognized the effectiveness of a jig. This jig should do fine on the chunky rock/pea gravel banks and the brush piles. The slab rock banks and points are jig eaters, for sure. Good luck!
  5. I’ve tinkered on and off with a different jig design for years and have come up with this (see photo). I need some folks who use jigs a lot to test it in actual fishing conditions, then render an opinion here, such as: no good, ok but nothing special, I like mine better, gets hung up too much, and so on. I have about 30 with a 4/0 Mustad EWG hook, and 30 with a 3/0 EWG, all 3/8 wt. Colors available are: white (shad), brown (craw), olive (bluegill), and black & blue. Let’s say, two per person for now. No cost to you. PM me with your address.
  6. Maybe divide the competition into two sections, like patents, design and utility. Design is based on the artwork, which describes most of the current entries, and utility, does it work better than the other entries in it’s class. For utility entries, an attached explaination of why and how this is so.?..oh, and I would allow two photos showing different perspectives of the entry....
  7. Superior attributes of the wire weed guard: The wire guard has its origin at the hook eye. The bristle origin is the middle of the jig head. Advantage, wire. Flexibility. Wire guard is spring steel, bristle is a type of plastic with minimal springiness. Advantage, wire. Shape. Wire guard has a permanent triangular shape, and works as a unit. Bristles work individually, or can be sort of shaped or trimmed. Advantage, wire. Visibility. Wire guards have a low visibility on a jig. Bristles are highly visible, especially, black. Advantage, wire. We could go into a long discussion, but this is a start. I’ve heard from some field testers fishing with partners say things like this: my partner was using jig X (a well known brand). He lost four jigs, and kept getting hung up, but I was using yours with no hang ups, and catching fish! We finished second.
  8. DQ, disqualified. I sent in an entry in the wire baits category, and after thinking about it, realized the app probably didn’t meet the rule about one photo, and got DQed. Am I done for this year, or can I enter another (single) photo? Sorry about the mess, my bad.
  9. If you get DQ in the first time app, can you resubmit a corrected app?
  10. I do too. The reverse style worked best for me, but the one I had was slightly magnetic, and gave me fits trying to release the properly positioned metal part! So, I’m back to the standard one.
  11. That info should be right on the front page, near the top. The application date comes first, then the patent approval date. The anticipated expiration date should be at the bottom of this list.
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