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  1. A couple things I find helpful: 1. a bigger eye 2. drip wire 3. blow out excess from the eye with an airbrush at a low pressure 4. trim up with a knife two days after dipping, before the KBS gets really hard
  2. I can't help you with the plastic choices but good luck on your endeavor!
  3. I use both Createx paints and KBS diamond coat
  4. Sorry, forgot to mention I use it for bass lures.
  5. I use 3 coats dipping it. I do use an airbrush to blow out the build up on the bottom eye and put a hanger in the eye for it to drip off of. I wait about 2 hours between coats. In the winter it takes much longer for it to cure.
  6. I make my first loop with round nose pliers. Then I have a jig to make the rest of the bends.
  7. Mason jar with wax paper to keep the threads clean. I also add a little shot of Bloxygen.
  8. Agreed! AWESOME idea on the cup washers!
  9. Always enjoy and learn from your posts VM. I do not post much but I have picked up a ton of valuable info from this forum. I wish I was able to contribute more but most of y'all have way more experience then me. I am always tinkering with new designs I want to create.
  10. Cool project for you both. Keep us updated on your progress!
  11. Lots of great suggestions already! Take lots of notes on the lures during the build process. This will allow you to know what worked and what didn't when you go to test a new design.
  12. Good looking design! You could see if there is a way to "cure" the PLA to make it harder.
  13. Bassfisher1 you make some nice looking baits! Slick design JRammit!
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