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  1. http://kortlink.dk/bugmolds/2cd8c got the 5" AngrySpin and its a good mold
  2. I think is: https://www.screenprintsupplies.com/products/printers-choice-plastisol-inks/special-effects-plastisol-inks-additives/printers-choice-stretch-low-cure-additive-plastisol-ink/ (note most of the ink are plastisol but some are water-based ink)
  3. OIR


    mold from a glass test tube and one skirt injection mold.
  4. 5 cheap clampe-cut off heads-weld it to a iron plate (top plate got a hole to lift it) made so I dont have to use all clampe...so I can go center clamp or clamp 2 and 4 or 1-3-5 and so on.
  5. use a metal scribing tool scribing new air tunnels in aluminium mold - YouTube
  6. https://www.etsy.com/dk-en/listing/747694387/pick-up-onlycandle-wax-melting-pot-8?ref=as_recently_viewed-4
  7. still in test: took 2x 300 ml glass plastisol and heat it up to 40 degrees (hand hot 1min/200of700 microwave). took one and put it into the ultrasonic water (hand hot water) and gave it 10 min. the ultrasonic plastisol in Vacuum (3x3 min) made only 3-4 bubbles in total..!! the regular plastisol (3x3min) made the same number of bubbles as it usually does. put the 2 glass in the microwave 2 minutes on 400 (400 of 700 settings.) and microwave it 2 minutes/1 minutes/30sec/(500)30sec/30sec/30sec~ (the ultrasonic was 10 °Celsius in front of the reg all the time.) the ultrasonic hit 165 °Celsius and looked clear the regular plastisol was still in gel form..!! made the same attempt 3 times.(reg.plastisol in gel all 3 times) shot the ultrasonic in a mold..came out ..perfect (I feel like it was more running) the regular plastisol (after microwave it to 170~) came out..good (feels like regular running) the good news is the ultrasonic just take longer to harden up (but still softer vs reg. after 7 days) (from the cold test) that's what I've done so far.
  8. plastisol in a ultrasonic cleaner make it softer and easy and cook on lower microwave settings. but is makes micro air bubbles (only made 2 test in cold water) still need a few test in hot water and Vacuum it..
  9. https://vk.com/luresoftfishing do sell the paint. I got this ...but got no ide how to translate it.
  10. I can give a few tips: 1. get the big laminating block not (never) the small one 2. some dual injector are "crosseyes" (take of the o-rings an see if the 2 piston aree center in the pipes) helps if you use a drill and use it to grind an oval hole toward the center we are talking about 1/10 part of a mm or lees..it helps a lot.
  11. https://youtu.be/mCN2BGy9lL0 how to and tips: 2x Reusable plastic Cup (one cut 30 mm from below) 1x Air Line Union Hose Compressor Fittings/Connector Male to Male 1/8" take the m/m 1/8" and heat it up so you can make a hole in the plastic (Reusable plastic are hard and cracks if you drill it) after cooldown and remove leftover plastic on the m/m,screw it in or use instant glue now inside the cup hot glue (high temperature glue) up to the edge so the thread holds on to the hot glue. next up are: 1x Airbrush Coupling Disconnect Adapter Airbrush Accessory 1x Cordless Airbrush Air Compressor (it need to have the female 1/8") now all you need is to put the three things together and add one or 2 sides of a coffee filter and you get a powder paint cup. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- now if you want it to be dustfree. 1x DC-DC USB Step UP/Down Power Supply Module Boost Buck Converter 5V to 1.2V/24V 1x usb power bank the wire on the fan can be: red-black-yellow red = + black = - or white stripe = - center cable is + so - in the center of the Converter and + on the + side (you can see the + vol on the other sider of it) keep the fan belov 12v. on to the box: 1x plastic box 3 legs (hot glue stick better on wood) 1x vacuum cleaner bag top arrow there I have made 2 holes and glued them together so they do not fall off. 1 pc 12v fan and part of a Reusable plastic cup..and a hole where the cup sits. now the Reusable plastic cup part in the box ,the tip is: that it is the bottom that points up. (like a cone) where I have cut the bottoms off first and adapted it so that the cup is about 5-10mm from the lid and there after hot gluing the cone-ring to the box. (take you time to hot glue it or it will drop out) to fit the vacuum cleaner bag on the fan : mark the shape and cut a square hole over the entrance. then sew it in the edge so it can be tightened over the fan. tighten it over the fan (use a little Cyanoacrylate and let it dry before tying a knot) now you can hot glue the fan to the box. (do use the big hot glue guns (high temperature glue) not the small hobby ones) do try to use a hepa vacuum cleaner bag. What the Heck Are HEPA Filters – And Why Should You Care? | Camfil USA Air Filter
  12. well it was fun to try..but no luck (I was hoping for a small dark line)
  13. https://custombaits.com/index.php?topic=12220.0
  14. got a better hang of the selfmade hemway dye. this is 10 drops from a mix of 100g pigment and 450ml plastisol in 200 ml plastisol + black halo glitter
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