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    keep a eye on Shipping price and read the product description and most traders got the "Price includes VAT" THEY LIKE HAVING THEIR OWN UNIT OF MEASUREMENT FOR HOOKS. 5 Stars/4 years
  2. Cheburashka and Aberdeen Long Shank 2/0 3/0 cod pike zander
  3. most airbrush paints are made thick so you dilute it with alcohol or water. (what gel does is keep the pigment flowing) (glycerin which may be in breaks the surface tension or you can add 5-10 drops (5drops/500ml)) so in the sanitizer I got all 3 things. so I make a mix of 1/3 sanitizer and 2/3 part water and this mix is my dilute for the paint.
  4. depending on the brand, they can contain from 60% and up to 80% alcohol. have tested 5 brands and those with a low alcohol percentage can be diluted more. so it's a choice whether you want water based or more of an alcohol based to dilute with.
  5. hand sanitizer 60-80% + distilled water hand sanitizer got gel+alcohol +glycerin so you just need to add distilled water the mix is 1/3 hand sanitizer + 2/3 water 60% hand sanitizer make a thick mix 80% hand sanitizer is close to being right (dilute or add alcohol) works well in paint : Golden High Flow Acrylics createx wicked colors
  6. hand sanitizer 60-80% + distilled water hand sanitizer got gel+alcohol +glycerin so you just need to add distilled water the mix is 1/3 hand sanitizer + 2/3 water 60% hand sanitizer make a thick mix 80% hand sanitizer is close to being right (dilute or add alcohol) works well in paint : Golden High Flow Acrylics createx wicked colors
  7. Resin 3D Printer might be the easy way the do get better and better..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFGrrfExsAM and lure 3d files are easy to find https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=fishing+lure&page=1&type=things&sort=relevant https://www.myminifactory.com https://cults3d.com
  8. OIR

    Gluing eyes

    8-10mm laser Sequin Paillette +uv glue +marker + needle still need a dip.
  9. most retarder are just gel+water+glycerin aka thick water https://youtu.be/cZR1Q-Acd3c?t=562 so you mix do not make sediment (clumps) this is good stuf as a "all in one" too water paint (shop price) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGMRqNue04c -------------------------------------------------------- my homemade mix is SILICA (20g to 1 liter) + right side jpg (mix Silica and water first) it can keep the color 3-5g/100g mix for 24 hours without falling to the bottom if you warm up your bait a little, the color will set quickly and without drops
  10. 19mm Steel Strapping + nut and long bolt and a jar powder paint yellow with a bit of black in it from https://hls-products.com/ yellow with a bit of gold dust (looks almost like a gold nugget) fill the glass so that the lead does not touch. heat - screw on - shake to the desired layers - unscrew and use a heatgun and a wire to clean up the eye. (HLS dust are small plastic balls that must be melted to give a shiny surface)
  11. it is made with 2 clear sides but painted with dust in between, so it changes depending on how the light falls on it (worm in center) using black dust and color change in the two sides can be an idea.
  12. Teflon Sheet( Non Stick Baking Paper)
  13. glycerin Products that commonly contain this ingredient include: face washes skin creams and lotions skin serums skin toners soap mouth washes cough medicine condensed milk processed meats soybean products condiments commercial baked goods e-cigarette liquid antifreeze Wondering where to buy glycerin? Pure liquid glycerin can be purchased online or at many drugstores. How costly is glycerin price? A small bottle (around eight ounces) of 100 percent pure glycerin for topical use can be purchased for around $7 to $8. some of my bait got powder paint in it (strong color) and it will dry out and stick to other powder paint soft bait so I made 5 bags to test and glycerin will keep it from stick together.So fare my test is only 38 days long but works Glycerin is a sugar alcohol with three hydrophilic hydroxy groups (-OH), which are responsible for its good water solubility. Glycerin in the water to cool the soft bait down with..hmmm
  14. http://kortlink.dk/bugmolds/2cd8c got the 5" AngrySpin and its a good mold
  15. I think is: https://www.screenprintsupplies.com/products/printers-choice-plastisol-inks/special-effects-plastisol-inks-additives/printers-choice-stretch-low-cure-additive-plastisol-ink/ (note most of the ink are plastisol but some are water-based ink)
  16. OIR


    mold from a glass test tube and one skirt injection mold.
  17. 5 cheap clampe-cut off heads-weld it to a iron plate (top plate got a hole to lift it) made so I dont have to use all clampe...so I can go center clamp or clamp 2 and 4 or 1-3-5 and so on.
  18. use a metal scribing tool scribing new air tunnels in aluminium mold - YouTube
  19. https://www.etsy.com/dk-en/listing/747694387/pick-up-onlycandle-wax-melting-pot-8?ref=as_recently_viewed-4
  20. still in test: took 2x 300 ml glass plastisol and heat it up to 40 degrees (hand hot 1min/200of700 microwave). took one and put it into the ultrasonic water (hand hot water) and gave it 10 min. the ultrasonic plastisol in Vacuum (3x3 min) made only 3-4 bubbles in total..!! the regular plastisol (3x3min) made the same number of bubbles as it usually does. put the 2 glass in the microwave 2 minutes on 400 (400 of 700 settings.) and microwave it 2 minutes/1 minutes/30sec/(500)30sec/30sec/30sec~ (the ultrasonic was 10 °Celsius in front of the reg all the time.) the ultrasonic hit 165 °Celsius and looked clear the regular plastisol was still in gel form..!! made the same attempt 3 times.(reg.plastisol in gel all 3 times) shot the ultrasonic in a mold..came out ..perfect (I feel like it was more running) the regular plastisol (after microwave it to 170~) came out..good (feels like regular running) the good news is the ultrasonic just take longer to harden up (but still softer vs reg. after 7 days) (from the cold test) that's what I've done so far.
  21. plastisol in a ultrasonic cleaner make it softer and easy and cook on lower microwave settings. but is makes micro air bubbles (only made 2 test in cold water) still need a few test in hot water and Vacuum it..
  22. https://vk.com/luresoftfishing do sell the paint. I got this ...but got no ide how to translate it.
  23. I can give a few tips: 1. get the big laminating block not (never) the small one 2. some dual injector are "crosseyes" (take of the o-rings an see if the 2 piston aree center in the pipes) helps if you use a drill and use it to grind an oval hole toward the center we are talking about 1/10 part of a mm or lees..it helps a lot.
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