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  1. Hi guys! My proposal is for guys, who pour the baits mainly for business. I deal with fishing hooks. As you know, there's a war in my Ukraine, so my business is stopped. I'd like to find a partner in the USA, who can try to sell my products on the US market. The hooks are really cool, and the prices are very reasonable for such quality. I will send you samples and you will see for yourself. My website: www.zeushooks.com. No need to invest any money from your side, your task is only to find the customers - offline and online fishing stores. The same way as most of yours sell your handcrafted soft baits. I'm ready to share a significant part of the profit with you, so you can earn good money. Also I can make an English version of my website and give you an access. So, also you can sell the hooks directly from the website. Write me PM please, if you are interested in such cooperation. Or write/call me in WhatsApp +380671872186 Best regards, Alex PS Dear moderators of this forum, excuse me please, if my post is Off-topic, I didn't find a suitable forum thread for such posts. I will be very grateful, if you tell me more suitable thread.
  2. Hi guys! I need to buy a heat exchanger for my injection machine, 1/2lb or 1lb volume. My staff connected with Ray from Zorn molds, he said he has discontinued so small heat exchangers. He makes from 2lb currently. Could somebody advise me a trusted manufacturer? Also I know BaitJunkys can make it. I wrote him and called a few times, but nobody answered. I will be very appreciated for any help! Regards, Alex
  3. Thank you very much!! But in this case I guess I can face such problem: If I will heat aluminium block by a few heaters, the temperature in different places of this block can be different and my plastisol can stay raw in one place (far from heaters), same time can burn in other place (closer to heaters). How do you think, is it possible or it's just my fears?
  4. Thank you so much for your opinions, guys!! Do you mean, no need to use oil or another liquid as an intermediate between heaters and plastisol? Approx 40-50 cavities 2"-4" grubs, shads and craws, total weight of 1 shoot is about 250-350 gramm. Do you mean something like this one:
  5. I can help you to order it from Ukraine. What quantity do you need? Write me please in PM.
  6. Hi Dave! Thank you so much for your opinion! I understand you. I have another design of heat exchanger, could you just tell me - is this design closer to the true? Please, write me in PM.
  7. Hi Guys! I'd like to upgrade my old injection machine. Anybody can help me with a design of heat exchangers? I have never seen it live, just on photo or video. I attach a picture, as I guess, how does it works. Who can tell me, is my vision right? I'll be very appreciate for any opinions and advices! Best regards, Alex
  8. I tried to make some phthalate-free compounds, using different components, I even managed to make a good lures, but I was faced with a specific problem under the production process. If you have an experience to make a basic plastisol, maybe we could be useful to each other. If you are interested to discuss this question in more detail, send me please your email address on PM.
  9. Yes, I had the same thoughts. But how I can get needed softness in this case? I have tried to increase the weight of resin to 30% - the stickiness of the lures decreased (but not completely disappeared!), but the softness was unsatisfactory.
  10. I haven't a durometer, but approximately - similar with brands lures, for example - Lunker city, Zoom etc.
  11. I have no doubt in his qualification. And I'm grateful to him for his attention to my question. Also I would like to clarify - I live on another continent, so I'm not planning to be a competitor for your plastisol manufacturers. At least, this year
  12. But I use PVC paste resin, actually it's not a paste, it's a grade of PVC resin, which can be used to make a paste (should be mixed with plasticizer to get a paste or plastisol). Quote from the website of this resin manufacturer: "Emulsion paste-forming polyvinyl chloride with non-alkaline pre-stabilization. White solid material, odorless. It is suitable for production of pastes of medium viscosity, little pseudoplastics pasts."
  13. I added just a few % (approx. 2% or 3%) of epoxy soybean oil. As I found on chemical forums, ESO can partially replaces dinp as a plasticizer, but mainly uses in small amount as an additional thermostabilizer.
  14. Hi all! I have tried to make my own homemade plastisol. I mixed DINP plasticizer (approx. 80%) with emulsion PVC paste resin (approx. 20%), also add metallic thermostabilizer and epoxy soybean oil as an additional thermostabilizer. Everything is Ok, except that my lures has sticky/ tacky feel. Could somebody advice me, what else I need to add to avoid this sticky/tacky feel? Thank you in advance!
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