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  1. Scent definitely plays a role with a lot of species and not just bottom feeders Some species like northern pike are definitely more visual though. I wouldn’t even bother with sent here Outside of bottom feeders bass, walleye, salmon and trout are 3 I have definitely seen scent make a difference. This is with slower presentation usually
  2. It will at least give me an idea if I want to resort to molding my own weights or push hard to source them in bulk
  3. Ok I need to head into Edmonton on my days off for another big bucket of mold max 30 anyway so I think I will test out a small amount of mold max 60 for a lead mold kinda went crazy in the last 2 weeks and have a handful of prototype jerk baits to mold so might as well try a lead mold well I am at it
  4. So let’s make sure I got this right that is a 3D printed mold that can handle hot lead?
  5. Two more clear coats to go and 5 nightshifts before the will be finished. The hassle of toothy fish is a five day clear coat process Once they are done I will make a pic or two of all 3 options. Maybe some video of the action if I can find some clear water and no wind. The body moves differently with each tail even
  6. I was only honest and thanks again for the molds. That project has taken a major change since the original pic you seen. I downsized the body so it fits all three tails nicer, casts nicer and gets better action. Everything moves as it should too. First 4 pretty versions are being clear coat right now. No need to apologize about the time it takes and just keep doing as you are doing. Honest service and good end product is more important than fast turnaround in my opinion We will likely talk in the new year as I am thinking big aggressive paddle tail for my 2024 musky trip. Starting from scratch on this one as it will be a different body The original will be my “finesse” bait
  7. And here I thought availability issues were a Canadian problem lol I think I am going to hold back on the Tan if I can get white in a reasonable time. Unfortunately I can’t even get a small quantity as for a Tan tester locally or I would. Stuck ordering from across the country and shipping sucks Thanks for sharing your experience
  8. So I assume your friend has no issues with Tan. May I ask what his reasoning was to prefer Tan over white?
  9. I remember your post regarding curing sounds like your problem didn’t stop what do you mean by make it clear?
  10. Ok hope someone has had experience with both products and can tell me if the experienced any difference between I have been using Alumilite white and do to availability issues I experience at times I am considering my options of substituting with Tan Spec wise it look like it will have minimal or no impact on recipes and strength. May just need to say screw it and start ordering 80gal at a time to avoid issues
  11. He is a member of the forum “CNC molds N stuff”. He has been a great guy to deal with and has been very helpful. I just provided the design (we did make tweaks through discussion too) and he took care of the computer work. The one thing to remember is it is custom work and he does not do knockoffs(big respect from me for having this rule). You also need to be patient as it takes time and will not be fast as he is busy. I just respect that it’s custom work and he does a good job with the mindset it will be done when it’s done Bob has my recommendation anytime as he is straight forward and has been honest 2 traits that go a long ways in my books
  12. Only looking for a proper mold or I will make one or have one made I am debating another custom soft plastic mold so may have to add this if I do
  13. Oh those would be great for soft plastics but I need these weights for a hybrid bait and dive & rise jerk baits
  14. Here is what I am looking for. They tread into a brass insert installed in a hard bait
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