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  1. Not personally but I do know the Australian from work uses stick baits he used in saltwater back home for pike around here. I am pretty sure some of his have tail weights
  2. Hillbilly voodoo


    Those would be deadly for crappie
  3. Maybe check out the different brass spinner bodies. You might find something the right shape
  4. I have also been using a similar method to what JD posted I have used all kinds of metal disks I cut out even beer cans cut up. I have also used the brass ends of shotgun shells. For the balls anything for ball bearings to BBs. Wood baits I cover with wood filler and resin baits I use a fairly thick resin/micro balloon mix so it sands nicer I have also suspended brass tubes with folded over ends with BBs/ball bearing inside inside me my molds and poured rattling lures I preferred the results of the method in JD’s video
  5. Lure making will cost you time, your sanity and probably even your soul lol I don’t even want to know what it has cost me money wise over the years.
  6. You ever have a bass break your crankbaits I want to see a pic of the tank that did it so you better land it lol Sadly I don’t think that day will come
  7. Where actions like that really shine is for trolling lures where you don’t have the same ability to apply action on the retrieve This in my opinion is where hunters need to be marketed not the bass fishing market that is more about casting. Something to consider and maybe be a venture for something to do on the side to see how it goes. I think you have something there but you will need to apply it correctly and get it known on your own
  8. What I always find interesting when it comes to to debating the lure construction strength is most are not considering is the shear range in size/power of fish people target with lures. Most are comparing lure construction to species like bass where 10lbs is big and failing to realize this is a small fish to some who target larger species I would be choked if someone built me a lure for a tarpon trip using the same construction they used for largemouth I have had big chinook, lake trout, and pike break lures. I have had pike break hangers twisting in a net/cradle. Chinook have pull
  9. There is one thing that would work but only worth while if you are doing this often make half a silicone mold to hold the blank perfectly and use a drill press after. When I mentioned jig it can anything to hold it stable and level. I built a cradle to hold salmon to do this years ago out of wood even In all honesty I have been successful just marking the lure using calipers and using a cordless drill. But if does run a high risk of going wrong
  10. The things we stumble on when trying new Very interesting yet simple mod too
  11. Funny this thread popped up again I just came inside for a break from shaping a 7inch lipped jerk bait
  12. I have to ask when you originally put theses hooks together was the goal to make the lure hunt or were you trying to add some flash to a crankbait?
  13. Clamp it in a jig to hold it level and steady. Drill a small pilot hole straight through the lure so both sides match. After that bore out whatever eye socket you choose
  14. Dave moderate diver at about 8feet can definitely be made to hunt
  15. If there is risk of your target fish species to actually break the body of the lure through wire is a good thing. In most cases this is not an issue so for most species/lures it’s not needed in my opinion If you are making resin baits and you cast your hardware into the lure through wire is even less important The main thing in my opinion is appropriate hardware matched to the material to handle your target species
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