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  1. Using a swivel is the only answer I know
  2. O.051 is what I use most for pike, Lakers, and salmon
  3. Well I tipped one with a 1/4oz jig head with a twin tail grub. Two casts and I caught a small pike. He beat up the wire pretty good. Unfortunately I lost it to the rocks shortly after It does work and will try one of the others in an are with more walleye and less pike or maybe a perch lake presently how it is constructed I see it as more of a panfish lure and see potential for crappie. How I chose to use it I would say it fishes similar to a beetle spin. Unfortunately my area is not a panfish area here is proof little pike will eat it though
  4. Well your package has arrived I have a plan for them already but will up grade the hook/jig size I hope you don’t mind. I will be testing them on walleye with both soft plastics and minnows as a trailer as different options I see this as the most promising application for my location/fishing style.
  5. In my opinion you are overthinking it I can understand if you want to reference other lures for ideas but for the most part you just need to keep things symmetrical. After that float test and balance your lures. If you start researching past and present lure shapes you will find just about and shape you can think of has been used There is nothing wrong with building a little firewood as you learn.
  6. I am up for checking out your design and will do my best to give honest input
  7. Ok you have my attention since I like to screw things up once in awhile lol What kind of dry time are you getting on theses layers?
  8. I have not used G 10 but I found making a template and using a laminate trimmer and effective way to duplicate exact lexan lips Recently I started trading with someone who has a fancy router they just program to cut exact duplicate lips or me.
  9. What he said I use a heat gun but you have to be careful or you bubble the paint. Keep it back and keep it moving to prevent this Not saying a heat gun is better but it is more manly and my wife doesn’t yell about me stealing her hair dryer
  10. Welcome from Alberta Canada (unless you voted for Trudeau lol) Personally I like cedar but sometimes you get stuck chasing the grain a little. Poplar and basswood are options I have heard good things about but I have not tried them
  11. Bodkin, 5/0 treble, or my fingers whatever works or is close by
  12. I use createx which is a common choice
  13. For the sake of learning put a line tie under the nose closer to the lip.you should see an improvement. You might as well mess around with the lure that doesn’t work right and try a few things to improve your knowledge but I would agree moving the lip closer to the nose on the next one should help
  14. I have never found a magic equation for bill size and don’t think there is one( if there is Vodkaman Dave will know it though). The issue is weight, tie point location, angle, lip location and even body shape will action if you have a pic of the lure odds are myself or others can help correct the issues just by asking you a few questions after but when it comes to to lip size I just know what works from trial and error. In my opinion the best option is cut a few potential lips pressure fit them in the lip slot and test the action. All it takes is a layer or two off masking tap
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