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  1. I could definitely get a fish to bite that might be best suited for certain situations but I bet it works if used correctly
  2. This place has become brutal for spam and that is part of the reason I don’t sign in as much
  3. I went through many different phases fishing from just beginning happy to catch a fish, catching every species possibly, different styles of fishing, to chasing trophy class fish for any species possible These days I enjoy casing handmade lures for aggressive predators and searching for the big ones
  4. Look I have seen you complain about lack of interests in your posts in the past. I get you enjoy cutting up plastics and splicing them together. You may find it innovating/exciting and that is all that should really matter to your venture Personally I don’t see the wow in it. I don’t see any new skills to be developed. I don’t see it as creating something new or developing a new action/style of lure. I see it is no more then basic modifications of existing lures not developing or building a lure This is why I don’t give a lot of interest and likely why others are not jumping all over your posts. Show me something you created and developed on your own vs hacking up baits and Frankensteining together then you will get my attention I am only being honest and if you enjoy what you are doing keep at it. It’s your hobby that should be about your personal satisfaction As for lack of posts on this forum I would say it is more to do with the rules regarding showing off one’s end product outside of the gallery more than anything. This rule has caused possible members to post elsewhere that is less restrictive Great forum for gaining knowledge but lacks the ability to create a long lasting community largely do to the rules regarding posting pics displaying finished lures
  5. Has anyone tried KBS as the first coat and UV resin coats to add a thicker more flexible coat on top of The KBS? just something I have been thinking about and may have to test soon
  6. Ok for your present lure issue does your lure float level side to side? If so it likely is not a balance issue Is the lip perfectly straight? If the lip slot is crooked it will swim to one side if you line tie is crooked/off center it will also swim to one side as for commercial lure weight vs had made lure. Material used is often the case and depending on the design differences less weight maybe needed too. Lure size is just one factor hope this helps
  7. It would be simple enough to pour in layers no need for glue
  8. I have not used it but I am confident I seen a YouTube video or 2 of a clear resin stick bait being made I say build it and worst case it takes a few tries to get the kinks out
  9. Check out maple airbrush supplies in Edmonton they will likely have restorer and they have good prices
  10. Weight choice has a lot to do with goals related to action, rate of rise/neutral pause, and stability at higher speeds as well As with many things when building hard baits there is no set answer but instead it’s a matter of finding the correct combination factors to achieve the action you have in mind Personally I have built enough baits I can make a really good guess or even design a bait where I plan to use no ballast at all. But float testing a lure is a really good way to figure out a good ballast weight. Or as I have mentioned in past threads tape or elastic band your ballast to your un finished but sealed lure and give it a test run. Try different ballast weights till you get what you are looking for
  11. I also drilled small holes through the lip at least 4. I have not had any lips fail with this method. I used some cheap 4hr epoxy from the hardware store that was recommended for marine use I have never had issues with the above method but I did have lips pull that I epoxied that were just scuffed with corse sandpaper
  12. I would be checking line tie first Next float it in a clear container of water and check if it’s properly balanced odds one of the above is the issue
  13. So far the process has been positive
  14. Just sent a concept drawing to Cncmolds from the forum to get his opinion/quote
  15. Not too keen on risking money in the Ukraine with the war is cncmold.com the member cnc molds and stuff on the forum?
  16. I am looking for recommendations on who to use for a custom cnc aluminum mold I am not looking for fast or cheap. I want someone who is fair, good customer service, and can provide a good end product. Completely understand it costs more then buying existing molds Yes I realize there is diy options like silicon and plaster but I want aluminum injection If it’s a struggle to even get communication out of them I have no interest in doing business with them. I don’t play games and stick to my word all I ask is the same Good customer service is a must !!!
  17. Thank you sir now I just need to order some supplies and fake it
  18. Any glue recommendations or is any waterproof epoxy good? for shaping the the cork to blend the new piece to the old are you just using sand paper? complete rookie to this so dumb questions probably
  19. Top 5 left side absolutely deadly and top producers of our trip even compared to some top brand baits.
  20. Less than 1-1/2inch of the blank is exposed
  21. First off I am not a rod builder and have no experience with this stuff The cork butt broke off my new pike rod and warranty would take too long to fix it. I don’t think this is normal but there was a hollow gap between the end of the blank and cork butt. This was extremely weak caused the cork to break off first day is it possible to replace just the end of the handle with a new fighting butt or does the whole grip need to be replaced? should the cork butt be tight to the blank like I assume? advice on materials or how you would approach this repair would be much appreciated Pic of damage
  22. Availability and shipping costs make solarez a no go for me Alumilite uv resin seems good just needed to figure out this one issue. It cuts down build time nicely every clear coat I have used takes a few tries to work out the quirks so I am not worried
  23. Thank was supposed to be the thanks not laugh emoji thing fat fingers
  24. Thank you sir figured you would have the answer I was looking for
  25. I have some baits with single coats and poorly done 2 coats I am taking for pike in northern Saskatchewan so the durability will get tested Was hoping for someone with first hand experience doing multiple coats of alumilite uv to chime in. But if there is no response by the time I get back from my trip I will just test things myself
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