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  1. Thank was supposed to be the thanks not laugh emoji thing fat fingers
  2. Thank you sir figured you would have the answer I was looking for
  3. I have some baits with single coats and poorly done 2 coats I am taking for pike in northern Saskatchewan so the durability will get tested Was hoping for someone with first hand experience doing multiple coats of alumilite uv to chime in. But if there is no response by the time I get back from my trip I will just test things myself
  4. Lures I am taking to northern Saskatchewan pike fishing. Should have been a few more but killed my airbrush compressor and no time to replace it before I go
  5. I assume this is the process you are using with alumilite uv ?
  6. So finally found a good source for uv clear so decided to give it a try I have had two small batches with the same issue. First coat goes on perfect but second adheres blotchy Well researching issues I seen mention that it drys too slick is why the second coat is not adhering properly. But I didn’t find any information on the correct process for applying multiple coats. I am thinking lite scuffing with fine sandpaper might do it but figured I would ask here first So what what method have you used successfully to apply multiple coats? @Anglinarcher where are you as I have a feeling you have the answer I seek
  7. Well I did some experimenting with the advice and got the problem solved Reducing hold time to 10 seconds and lower the temp on the mold itself did the trick thanks
  8. Any time I have had people get impressed by the lures I paint I tell them I am a slob compared to some of the builders out there
  9. The last part of your comment is bang on. Personally I have had good luck with bass running really slow but when it comes to trout and coho salmon a fast spinning blade swung slowly through a river is king Just like all lure fishing you need to try different retrieves till you find what they want and it can change depending on temperature or other conditions As for the original post have you tested it yet? Personally I could see it interrupting the spinning of the blade do to it making contact with the bead. Small metal beads on the outside of the clevis top and bottom is definitely the proven way to achieve a good spin If it causes the blade to stutter you might get a click sound of the bead and blade making contact. This might be something useful test it and let’s hear the feedback
  10. I did warm the laminating block but not the injector I did not get to try your advice before having to go beck to work for a set. But I will on my next 5 off
  11. I still use belt and drum sanders but like my rasp for the final shaping before sanding. Even on small 1 1/2 trout lures Maybe I am just strange and have been doing it this way so long it just feels right. It has definitely become efficient for me 4) well it’s great that there is YouTube as resource for people to learn but some definitely need to expand beyond it In the whatever works and gets the job done is the right tool in my opinion
  12. So I assume the through wire method you are using is drilling through the body rather then a slot cut in the belly or back? if I am correct I would assemble the front half of the bait, then attach the the rear wire, push it through the rear section and twist up your rear loop as you mentioned wish I was far enough to fish musky easily but being in Alberta I settle for pike
  13. Ok so changes on the fly lol I bet with a tow point right in between the two combined with correct weighting she would have gave you a good wiggle
  14. You just have to join the rear and front wire harness together before installing them into your body sections. any other steps really depend on the method of through wire you choose to do for the knock it’s more about the style of joint you cut in the body. A v style joint will work to create a knock and the cadence/movement of the rear section will depend on how much space you leave for movement.
  15. I don’t know why they are not more common amongst lure makers because the knock off rough edges way faster then hand sanding. You still need to get the final steps with hand sanding for a smooth finish I also use it to create concaved surfaces on lipless crankbaits, jerk baits, and plugs Very versatile tool for shaping, very handy for curves, and a time saver
  16. Thanks I will try your suggestions tomorrow Wouldn’t the laminating block also work like a spur extension?
  17. New to this whole injecting soft plastics thing and slowly learning as I go I have a 5.6 prey bait swimbait mold and I can’t figure out why some are turning out with a hollow nose. Doesn’t matter if I am shooting one or two colors plastic temp is in the 360 range. I keep pressure on the injector for about 30 seconds after the mold feels full. Molds are warmed up on a hot plate before shooting. It’s a single cavity mold so what is this newbie doing wrong
  18. I am on my phone and this gallery sucks for zooming in but am I seeing 2 different tie points on this lure?
  19. Thanks it’s 6 1/2 inches long but once the tail is added it will be over 8inches. Gets down fairly deep(water was to dark to see) with a slow rise I have a trip to northern Saskatchewan to chase pike so trying to knock out a few new jerk baits to test out. 2 other styles in the works but maybe biting off more than I can chew time wise
  20. Oh and a tip for the future cut your lip slot first thing. It’s easier to cut straight when the wood still has flat sides and if you mess it up you have not lost any time shaping the body.
  21. New soft tail dive and rise jerk bait I am working on with a new pattern. It should really pop after it’s clear coated and assembled
  22. For shaping I only rough things out with a knife then switch to a rasp with a coarse/fine combination. You can remove a lot of material with the coarse side. The fine side it eliminates a lot of sanding and removes the ridges The one I use is double sided. One side curved the other is flat here is a pic of one but the fine side is getting worn down because I have had it a long time By far my favorite shaping tool
  23. It appears bug molds in the Ukraine is shipping molds again if you are looking for cheap stone molds
  24. Hillbilly voodoo

    baby brown.jpg

    You definitely have a unique style of painting. Be interesting to see what you come up with carving if you continue to think outside of the box
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