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  1. Thanks Travis. Cool article and the book is pretty neat. For $170 I could buy and test the baits myself lol. It is starting to look like I have have to
  2. Thanks Vodkaman. That is very cool Any formulas or rules that will indicate the angle which the bait dives at? It’s strange that few folks talk in depth about dive angle. When selecting a bait, at least to me, the angle which a bait dives is equally as important as the depth it dives to. Pretty much everyone indicates their bait “dives to depth quickly” and a depth range which the bait dives too. “Dives to depth quickly” is pretty subjective. I would like to know if there is a way to tell, without casting and retrieving, which baits will dive at a steed angle and which baits dive at a shallow angle. I find both types useful in different situations.
  3. Rick Howard


    Not the kind ya gotta pay. I already know all about those. Are there general rules of thumb regarding a bill characteristics and it’s impact on the bait or are these things only determined by trip and error. As in; wider bills = x result, longer bills = x result, x angle in the bill = x result, line tie position = x etc. It’s pretty evident that there is an intricate balance between many variables here. Im trying to figure out why some baits dive quickly while others more gradually to the same depth. Or how I can modify a bait that dives quickly to dive gradually.
  4. Rick Howard

    WTB craw chunk mold

    I found some open poor options that are doing the trick. Thank you.
  5. Rick Howard

    WTB craw chunk mold

    I would rather get one of these if someone wants to part with it https://baitmold.com/plastic-bait-mold/crayfish-and-nymphs/aluminum-mold-c611-2-cavity-3-25-inch-82-mm/
  6. Rick Howard

    WTB craw chunk mold

    I’m looking for this specific mold. https://baitmold.com/plastic-bait-mold/aluminum-mold/aluminum-mold-c605-3-cavity-3-5-inch-88-mm/
  7. Thank you. I am looking for already poured heads. I just paint the heads, tie up the skirt, and glue in weed guards. We were just laid off due to COVID-19. Until I am back to work I will just have to live with the jigs I have.
  8. Anyone making these? or know where I can get some? I like to tie my own jigs. I use the bullet head for swimming jigs and pitch/flip jigs. I also use them for Swimbaits. But I have to buy arky heads for adding blades. I want to consolidate so that I only have to purchase one type of jig head. Seems bullet head with the flat eye would be a perfect fit. I pre-make a some jigs but also carry the components with me in the boat. This way I can put things together on the fly. So, one jig head type saves me some money and space. I am looking for a range of weights but 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 are the main stays. ( 1/8, 3/16, 5/16, 5/8, 3/4 are nice but only if available)
  9. Rick Howard


    I am looking to find wire to make A-rigs, safety pin, and inline spinnerbaits. Looking for some various diameters to experiment with also. Where do you folks buy wire? Thank you, Rick
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