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  1. I am a fan of White Cedar personally. But a tight grain red cedar makes a very, very nice bait! Darker the color and tighter the grain the better!
  2. Hey Thats what I was going for! Thank you!
  3. This is so cool!!! Awesome job.
  4. Chevron pattern Red and White Cedar 2pc "Skitterwake". 6" in length. 4 total glue ups and 3 coats of epoxy. Chevron pattern, a super polished LPO Jitterbug Bib with a touch of paint around a Dead Meat Customs eye! VMC hooks and a prop on the rear. She is ready for for some loud topwater action!!
  5. Airbrushed Yellow Perch Spinnerbait with a hand tied skirt, Hand twisted Wire form, poured by me with my modified mold! This baby took me a long time to make. Both blades, and the head I painted, and hand tied the skirt. That skirt alone took me almost a half an hour to tie! Hope you enjoy!
  6. My good buddy has "perchy Jackson" as he calls him. He catches all kinds of fish on it! Its actually due for a repaint id imagine.
  7. Thank you! I actually have gotten a lot better with these. That one is the 2nd wakebait I have ever made.
  8. I don't comment too often on here. I am on a lot though, probably not logged in. I research and read a lot on here. Usually a previous thread has an answer to a question I have, or someone else has given an answer or a better one then I would have given to a topic.
  9. Thank you very much! Its not because you are new. I don't comment on things much. I spend most of my time here researching and reading.
  10. Thanks Dan! I am hoping to get a big ol trout eater on it this spring. Its the nicest spinnerbait I have ever made, so I dont know if I really want to throw it, but at least I know I can duplicate it if I lose it!
  11. Absolutely incredible. Such scrolling talent!!!
  12. What does the fox say!!?! Looks great!
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