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  1. After much web searching, I tried something called Holland House Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish. Looks milky but is clear after you put it on. I did a batch of cranks like I did before but dipped the baits in this stuff before the first dip of KBS and no paint wrinkling. So this seems to be an acceptable substitute for Pledge Revive It.
  2. So this (I realize it is named Revive It Floor Gloss now) is proving to be a challenge to locate in stock. Any alternatives to this?
  3. Zoom uses white in their grey ghost color but it is very large, square flake. Grey Ghost
  4. Interesting...I'll have to give that a try.
  5. Looks nice. How fast do the cutting parts wear on those routers? Do you need just one style or multiple to make these kinds of cuts? I've been interested in this for a while.
  6. I did send them a text last night on the text support number with a few pictures. Haven't heard back yet. I use all Createx. I wiped down the blanks with rubbing alcohol and let them dry before applying the base Createx opaque white coat. There is really only one or two coats of the Createx colors on top of the base depending on the color of the bait. I do reduce them when necessary.
  7. Yes, I did heat set each layer and none of the paint was thick. After painting, I left town and they dried for 5 full days before I dipped so I have to believe the paint was dry. It's so weird -- it appears just a few seconds after I pull the bait out of the KBS.
  8. Humidity is definitely below 70 where I am dipping and hanging. Way below. However, I did a batch of jerkbaits several weeks ago (my first KBS baits) and they were flawless. The room temp is high 60s low 70s where I'm dipping. I've done a lot of searching online and haven't found much.
  9. The finish "cracks" and it happens immediately after pulling the bait out of the KBS, not after drying. It seems to be in the KBS, not the paint, because they feel rough in the crackly areas after drying, not smooth. The baits that did it always had it happen right under the bill on the bottom and sometimes on the gill area. The paint was Createx and my last batch of baits dried almost 5 days before dipping. What causes this?
  10. I have the powder airbrush from TJ's. When I'm spraying powder to get a dark back on, for example, a spinnerbait head, I'm getting the powder spray coming around and adhering to the back of the head, too. I am spraying into a box to limit mess and recover some of the overspray. Not sure if that is the issue (creating air swirling inside the box?). Move the box further back? Any insights appreciated. Getting black to spray without clogging is a whole different issue but I think that's the nature of the black more than anything. For the makeup brush tappers, I get a pretty overbearing dose of powder when I try that. Any tips for more finesse with that?
  11. I'm considering having a jig mold made and have been playing around with a design program. I started with FreeCAD and found it to be not very intuitive for a newbie. Ended up creating what I want in Microsoft 3D Builder (basic, I know). Question on tolerance around hooks. I want to use a 2/O Mustad 32796BLN. Barlow's shows the diameter at 0.051", or 1.2954 mm. I currently have the hook slot where it is needed at 1.5 mm at the widest point. Too big? Same question for a weed guard pin. Anybody have a model for that hook? Not sure I have the hook eye in the right spot. I'm trying to be an engineer and that is so not my background haha. Thanks
  12. When you say you installed it over the work bench, do you mean it's just in a window in front of the work bench? I ask because it looks like it's a window/wall mount type fan.
  13. I bought some of those as I thought they might be the closest thing to a Bandit 100. Not happy with them at all. The lip is very narrow...doesn't flare out at all. Action is minimal. Body is about the same length as a 100 but it's not as deep and narrower from just behind the head to tail.
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