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  1. Thank you this will help tremendously
  2. Thank you. Did you do this with a dremel or a cnc machine?
  3. As any one on here modified this mold to accept a wire bait keeper and if so have any pointers on how to do so. Thank you
  4. Weedless custom ball head Jig mold I had made for sale. Pours 1/4oz, 3/8oz and 1/2oz and uses mustad 32798 hooks and fg30 weedguards. $65 shipped PayPal only
  5. For sale is a Collins custom football jig mold. Uses a mustad heavy wire hook. Everything is fine with the mold just am not using it anymore. $95 shipped to your door. PAYPAL only
  6. For you guys using powder paint spray guns. What are you doing to catch as much overspray as possible. thanks
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