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  1. DanTheFireman


    Thanks guys, I actually threw it and had decent action. Hmmmmm...
  2. DanTheFireman


    On a recent Brazil trip my buddy would every so often wing one into the trees and the guide would make monkey noises. The next month we were going to Colombia so I made him a 6" wood banana lure complete with Chiquita sticker, sparkle dust and three coats of epoxy. He loves it.
  3. DanTheFireman


    Goliath grouper hybrid?
  4. DanTheFireman

    HB perch1.JPG

    Fantastic work Chuck! Perfect finish, fins and tail, love it.
  5. DanTheFireman

    6" Glide Baits

    The top one runs six inches or so under the surface, The bottom one with a bit more weight runs one to two feet under. I made these in anticipation of the next Amazon trip when the big choppers aren't doing the job.
  6. DanTheFireman

    6" Glide Baits

    Maple with circuitboard tail.
  7. DanTheFireman


    By adding a 1/8" circuitboard tail these get a lot more glide. On the second cast a little peacock decided to play.
  8. Beautiful job all the way around! That eye is an awesome touch.
  9. Thank you Peter, will do.
  10. Beautiful!! I've been looking for something like that, actually THAT, do you have any available?
  11. DanTheFireman

    7 inch cedar gill

    Absolutely perfect, love the attention to detail like around the hook hangers and bill.
  12. Yep, they're psycho from the git go. This one would have been in the sticks with a lighter outfit. Later, two casts in the tongue of a sandbar got a 15 then a 16, they made some nice runs on a medium spinner.
  13. 19 pounder on a white chopper.
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