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  1. I am not sure about a chart, but if I was looking for a blank comparable to a Loomis, I would reach out to Northfork Composites.
  2. First thing…. good thread and lots of great ideas. I think if you make a good lure that catches fish and your objective is selling, then you target fishermen. What's the fine line? Is it a hobby or how you put food on the table?
  3. Or you could say "Handcrafted In Indonesia".... Bottom line is quality!!!
  4. Sounds way better than what I suggested.
  5. Not new, just do not post very often and my comments were not directed towards you.... so need for me to get up to speed!
  6. High quality at a fair price is a great approach for your audience. I would also suggest “Made in the USA” also because it’s the right thing to do and it helps with marketing. If you’re going to get serious form an LLC or Inc to separate your home life from making lures. Also, stay above board on taxes “excise tax”, books and don’t forget liability insurance. Calculating materials is straight forward for me, but adding overhead is where my head starts to hurt. This is important when it comes to making a dollar. When you have a lure that catches fish, your next step
  7. 10,000 units a month is a good problem to have, but not an easy problem to deal with unless you are prepared for it. A stellar business plan is a must. Without one, you will fail! It doesn’t have to be 50 pages. A 1 pager will work, if enough thought is put into it. Capital and common sense are usually the biggest problems. Producing 10K units is not cheap. You have components, labor, (your time is not free), packaging, equipment maintenance, insurance, EDI costs, shipping, payroll/accounting, taxes, marketing, legal and others that I have missed. The best part is, big box
  8. Have you tried the #2 blade on the smaller spinner? Also try adding another bead to the small spinner with the larger blade.
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