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  1. What are the names of some firms that sell plastisol. Also, looking for firms to supply me with colors, glitter, and scents. Looking for some hardener and softener, as well. Any firms that have convenient access to this stuff, let me know. Thank you in advance!
  2. If you could hook me up with some places that make molds for soft plastic production, that would be fantastic!
  3. where can I find a company that makes custom soft plastic molds, price is not an issue. I want to begin making my own soft plastics, and have some ideas for custom designs. Also, would be interested in learning more about the best types of plastic to use with respect to durability, and movement in the water. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I have some ideas for some custom made soft plastics that I would like to make, but I am not sure of who I should contact in order to get those molds made so I can produce my own soft plastics. I am willing to spend however much is necessary, just need to know who I should talk to. Also, any info on actual what types of plastic are better to use than others would also be very helpful! Any advice you got, send it my way please.
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