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  1. Need help finding a 5in fluke mold
  2. Just bought a new medium sized injector from Basstackle.com and a gallon of plastisol. Worst thing is the wait for my new toys to show up!!!
  3. I started using glass as an alternative to salt and it ruined my injectors. Is there better ones on the market. I think I had a cheaper one
  4. Curious as where people find the glass additive to replace salt? Any help would be appreciated! Tight lines!!!!
  5. Ever need help color matching, i will always help. This is my firat attempt at a watermelon without having a watermelon color. Came out nicely
  6. So is it still 2 Tbsp of Hd to 4oz or 1 cup? Btw the color was a little cloudy but still great.
  7. Just ordered some HD sinking additive, I didnt like my baits color being that dull
  8. This is exactly where I'm at. I've ran tests on my baits and they have produced fish. I get a bait down 6ft in about 20 seconds. Idk if that's a good fall rate?
  9. Thank you very much I'll try that after I do this run
  10. Hello, I'm new to pouring soft baits and was looking for some help on fall rate. I have all the necessary stuff to make a good fall rate, just curious if anyone could shed some light on the subject of adding salts and how fast a senko should sink. Tight lines!!!!
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