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  1. not exact copies (obviously), but angling ai has the "action worm" in 3.6 and 4.1" available in a 5 and 10 cavity. fat guys fishing also has a 3.5" drop shot worm thats similar available in 6 and 12 cavity versions, both companies also have them in open pour versions.
  2. all of the companies that make pigment make many purple colors, like stated above most arent called just purple. up to you which you want to use!
  3. i use cooking spray on my rods (both core shot and tube molds) it works great, super cheap and lasts a long time. i just spray it every time i inject, on a paper towel or hand towel, then roll the rods around to make sure they are lubed
  4. add a drop or 2 of white to each to opaque and brighten them up a bit
  5. your most common places are going to be dead on plastix, bait plastics and calhoun. i personally use bait plastics 242 and love it, and i have used calhoun in the past and it was very good too. i havent used dead on but hear good things about it (some bad too!) best bet is to get/buy a sample from each and choose what sorks best for you. watch worlds worst fishing on youtube, chris has many videos on making plastics, from the beginner to the advanced.
  6. fat guys fishing just came out with a 7" fatty mold yesterday, not sure if its on their site yet. i have a few of the smaller sizes and love them, not sure its what you are looking for but worth a shot!
  7. it just looks like a not too opaque chartreuse with black flake that gets taken over by the green pumpkin side somewhat.
  8. basstackle makes a good one, i think they are 2.75 and 3.75. a little thicker than the keitech though. fat guys makes the classic swim and shiner in a couple sizes. doit makes a new "essential xl" the slick shiner, its 3.5
  9. https://www.calhounsoftplastic.com/#/ calhoun is being distributed by someone on the many facebook soft plastics groups now. i havent used it yet (happy with bait plastics) but it gets good reviews on the groups and the pics show it to be nice and clear.
  10. i have a bunch of fat guys molds, they make a quality product. also respond to questions through their facebook messenger very quickly.they are usually the first place i look for a new mold.
  11. basstackle seems to get (and sell out) injectors in quite often, i would wait till they have them in stock and get the best.
  12. good luck with slowing down, the more you get and the better you get, the more and more you want! doit molds are great for the price but once you get into cnc molds there is much better out there, its an addicting hobby to say the least but very rewarding!
  13. Canga~


    there is a few buy/sell/trade and general knowledgeable groups on facebook related to soft plastics as well, lots of good info scrolling through them as well as color ideas and some recipes etc. there is a supplier of calhoun plastic on there too. les gave some great info. i personally use bait plastics plastisol, mostly lureworks for liquid color and glitter, and some various mica powders (ebay, hobby lobby and the bait making sellers). basstackle has the best injectors when they have them in stock, hands down.
  14. closest to a fat impact you will find is the 607 from bts, but at 350 for 4 cavities is very spendy. check out the rip from fat guys fishing, its slimmer than the doit ripper and comes in top inject and many more cavities, and more sizes than the bts!
  15. the only one milled top/bottom are from bts and while im sure they are awesome, for the price ($350 for 4 cavities) you would be better off getting a dual injector and another mold with top injection ports. that being said i still have to talk myself out of that bts mold every now and then!
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