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  1. Propane torch probably too aggressive and you’ll have a good chance to yellow your plastic out
  2. Then maybe suspend the copper pipe in a bigger pipe filled with hot oil? Definitely need to make sure that pipes hot
  3. I recently went through a gallon of DOP saltwater plastic. It definitely does not set up clear when you heat it at all and the bubbles are a bust unless you de-gas hot. I prefer to de-gas volume beforehand vs after I heat each time. I do think the DOP is probably a better choice for open pour guys because it sets up with low viscosity and pours good. The baits I poured set up good and shiny and look and feel great. This was from a gallon. I have buckets coming and hopefully I can drill mix/stir this and de-gas in volume and avoid a hot de-gas, otherwise I think that is a deal breaker. BP
  4. If anyone tries this, I’d love to hear the results
  5. I had same results with 60. 40 on the other hand still dents and bubbles. although, if I remelt, de gas and then pour in the softer (pre heated molds) they come out great the first time, then all the pours after are really nice
  6. I also have the same issues as Landry with Specialtyresin silicon molds specifically!! I have to pour remelts through them as using an oven or microwave to pre heat them is not enough. Doesn’t seem to be as pronounced with other silicon like polytek or alumilite. Molds/masters are clean! Once it breaks in for the day, the baits come out smooth as clean glass, but it’s a grumble to get to it. My guess here is there is some sort of chemical/gas release taking place despite de gassing, unless it’s de gassed a second time right before it goes in. Whatever chemical trace or film is left behind, inh
  7. Thanks! I’ve got most the parts for a stir system
  8. Is anybody using a presto with a spout for disbursements of plastic? Any potential issues or good things to know?
  9. I’m probably not good at it but cutting threads screws up the tips when they are locked down
  10. In an effort to produce resin blanks, I get varied results from one blank to the next with really small bubbles that end up almost impossible to sand out or seal over. End results are a silicon mold that reflects that BS! I can’t degass because it sets up to fast. Any ideas on how I can resolve the issue?
  11. I’ve tried that. Works good but the work needs to be done so close together that it heats up too much and breaks the braze. The reality here is that I don’t have the time to learn tig just yet and found that it was much easier and painless to have a welder do it
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