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  1. May be it. I’ll run 2 pryrex togother and the tray rotates but the two Pyrex don’t heat up evenly
  2. Anyone with experience regarding heating up plastic in older microwaves and a potential heating inconsistency? Or the quality of the microwave and heating inconsistency? Im experiencing lower grade results using the same microwave, heating the same quantities and cook times as I have for at least 2 years on the microwave. I bought the Sharp microwave used on offer up for $5 and it’s been fine but recently I’m getting subtle degradation that I can see in my clear plastic.
  3. RedRum

    Fluid Bed and Paint

    All you need is an air pump.
  4. RedRum

    Fluid Bed and Paint

    Yes sir
  5. I accidentally pumped liquid plastic into pump while de gassing. I dumped the oil and put new oil in but the pump is only pulling about 75% of volume now. Pumps about 2 years old paid roughly $80. New pump? Is there a fix?
  6. I’ve been using Spray on Lu 213 on my dipping rods. It’s high heat with Teflon but expensive. I’ve had decent results with cheap canola spray but it’s cheap canola spray. My biggest challenge either way is getting the perfect amount of lubricant so the tubes don’t slide off during dipping and also so there’s enough lube left to slide the tubes off when the time is right. Any kind of input on anything herein mentioned would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. RedRum


    WD-40 is a phenomenal way to clean up and out plastic
  8. Yes it is still for sale.
  9. RedRum

    Fluid Bed and Paint

    I’m selling a quad fluid bed brand new with a 2 oz jar of Pro-Tec Silvermine and also a 2 oz Black powder paints.
  10. I’m selling a used in good condition Bass Tackle jerk Shad mold. Mold is in great condition and has been shot less than 100 times. It also comes with a DIY lamination plate.
  11. Slightly old post but the most relevant source to date for Calhouns plastic in any quantities is: https://www.calhounsoftplastic.com/#/
  12. Don’t make the mistake of trying dead on plastic. Sounds like you’ve already committed to that
  13. Yes! You nailed it with the bubbles and the clarity. Every inquiry I’ve made to them has an excuse/response that is good in theory but next to two or three other brands is very inconsistent as well as unique to DOP! My research concluded Calhouns is the best! I didn’t experiment too much with MF because of the price but between BP, DOP and Calhouns, Calhouns hands down is the cleanest, clearest product. After sitting in plastic boxes, for 2+ months, the Calhouns baits are crystal clear, dry with no trace of oil or degradation. Also, their hard formula is probably hardest of the 3. Bait Plastics as a whole is just cheap stuff. All of their stuff. Glitter, pigments etc. the plastic is user friendly and good for hobby manufacture but after 48 hours, the baits cloud up and leech out way too much oil. This comes from hours among thousands of poured and dipped baits using all 3 products so it’s a very qualified analysis. I don’t shoot baits though so I don’t know how it fares in that department.
  14. I can honestly say as the follow up that I’m never going to use Dead On Plastic again. it’s pure garbage!! Ive tested About 4 brands and I’m pretty impressed overall with Calhouns. That stuff is clean, clear and DOES NOT oil up later. I open pour and dip tubes and other than the viscosity of Calhouns at temp being a little heavy, I must say it’s clean quality. Dead on is exactly what it is it’s dead on arrival. They claim it’s humidity but doesn’t seem to be a factor with anyone else’s plastic. Huge regrets for buying that shit!! Dead on Shit in a bucket. Don’t make that mistake
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