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  1. Thanks very much rustedhook. At those dimensions it will definitely do what I want it to. Cheers
  2. Could some one that has the magnum Midwest finesse jig please measure the diameter and thickness of the head on the 5/8 and 9/16 oz size Trying to see how it would fit to a 8" grub that I have recently purchased. Thanks in advance.
  3. With the image I see it looks like two different shoots were needed to fill all the cavity above the top of the bait. A definite colour change in the bait and above it. What size of injector are you using.
  4. 1/16 no4. 1/8 no2 . 3/16 no1. 1/4 1/0 5/16 2/0. 3/8 3/0. As marked on the mold. A 1/0 570 dose work in the 1/16 & 1/8 & 3/16 cavities. I use the longer 575 hooks to get the hook barb position further back into the body of the plastics I am using.
  5. My mold is Dsj-6-a diner shiner from do it . It is marked for a number 4 570 or 575 hook which is a longer shank hook. Hope that helps.
  6. The 570 and 574 in 1/0 fit in both those sizes with that mold.
  7. Swimming senkos and long worms. With a 10 or 12" worm you can mimic a snake swiming on the surface. Has proven effective quite a few times.
  8. I just noticed that the v bend hooks are also discontinued with my Ontario distributer. Dose that mean hook inventory is limited to what existing inventory is out there. Barrlows is showing stock. If do it has discontinued making the mold will the hook manufacturer also stop producing them as well?
  9. A straight shank hook without the v allows the head to turn sometimes. Don't know if that would be a problem for you. I like painting two tone heads. Top and bottom with matching skirts. Once the original bond lead to hook is broken you need to always tweak it. A small inconvenience for the less expensive alternative. I can use it like that but would not sell any..that's just me.
  10. Thanks Les and OIR for some great suggestions and very useful video.
  11. Thanks for your feedback and concerns. Safety is always on my mind. While using the single injector I have had a few nozzle blow outs while clearing after a shoot. I don't want to risk two nozzle blow out situations so will look at the upgrade.I use really good high temp gloves so have never experienced any burns .And don't ever want too. .So again thanks for your experience. I an in ontario canada .Shipping and duty/ taxes add a huge cost to importing from suppliers in the states. Unfortunately cost is still a factor as well as safety.
  12. It is from do it. Was planning on a do it dually and doing a pin lock nozzle upgrade.
  13. I am ready to purchase a duel injector. What do you think I need to consider before choosing the size .I have several years of single 4oz injector experience and love the hobby. Would really like to hear from the membership to avoid regrets of not getting the right size . I'm thinking the 6oz. What are the pros and con's. Thanks for any feed back and for sharing your experience.
  14. When using beads made of glass and or plastic on larger inlines with blades #5 and larger, casting pressure and impact shock tends to crack glass beads occasionally. Plastic as a bearing bead will work for a while but eventually wear out do to the weight imparted pressure of the blade hitting the water and then slamming back towards the back of the lure upon retrieval. Yes everyone has there preferences but to me a solid brass bead , gold or nickel plated provides the best bearing surface for longevity and performance. If you go to a hollow bead for a lighter or smaller lure the wear factor shortens the durability and life of the lure. When I throw larger inline spinners using # 28 sonic or panther martin type blade , no clevis is required as the shaft runs through the blade and rotates around the shaft on a solid bearing bead in front of a poured lead body, the brass bead bearing behind the blade actually distorts the lead from the pressure and impact from casting and retrieval. Every spinner requires a balanced assortment of components in order for it to work properly that's what makes making your own so challenging and rewarding.
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