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  1. I can put it in next year if I don't come up with something I like better by then
  2. This bait was made for the lure contest but I thought it was open through the end of April rather then closing on the 29th. so I hope you enjoy this bait here instead. It is a sunfish glide bait bade from colored pencils.
  3. I thought the contest was open through the end of April and just finished my entire and was going to post it tonight. That's my own dumb fault. Disappointed I wont be in this one but will post my bait in the gallery
  4. I'm a very big fan of scroll saws for lure making. I have the option to use a band saw but always chose the scroll saw for how smooth of a finish it leaves and how accurate I can be. You can even cut through 1 1/2" lumber at a decent pace with the right set up. If I could only pick one blade size it would likely be #5. There's a huge difference between a scroll saw that takes a pin end blade and a saw that can take a pinless blade. Pinless blades are thinner, allow tighter turns and are often a nicer quality. I'm guessing many people who don't like scroll saws or talk about how slow they are using pin end blades. Some saws can take either pin end or pinless. I had a WEN saw that could do either. I currently have a RBI 226 that I found used that I highly recommend.
  5. Ryan V


    It's a glide bait
  6. Ryan V


    I learned from SolarBaits
  7. Ryan V


    Wanted to do something showing natural wood.
  8. Ryan V


  9. Ryan V

    saugeye bait.jpg

    Very cool thanks! I'm going to have to try that sometime.
  10. Ryan V

    saugeye bait.jpg

    Looks great as always! Where do you get the stencils for the texture on the gills of many of your baits?
  11. I've been wanting to try color shift paints for awhile. Anyone use them or recommend what kind to get? Any tips and tricks with them would be great too. I know the color you spray them over makes a big difference in how they show up or how well they shift colors.
  12. Ryan V

    8 inch bait2.jpg

    Really good looking paint scheme! Especially for how few different colors there are
  13. I use a scroll saw for all my baits and lip slots. I hold the lip against the bait at the angle I want and trace on both sides of the lip with a fine pencil and then cut to the inside of both lines. I always need to take at lest two passes but you should be able to get any thickens you need by taking really light passes and testing the fit until you get it perfect.
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