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  1. Ryan V

    saugeye bait.jpg

    Very cool thanks! I'm going to have to try that sometime.
  2. Ryan V

    saugeye bait.jpg

    Looks great as always! Where do you get the stencils for the texture on the gills of many of your baits?
  3. I've been wanting to try color shift paints for awhile. Anyone use them or recommend what kind to get? Any tips and tricks with them would be great too. I know the color you spray them over makes a big difference in how they show up or how well they shift colors.
  4. Ryan V

    8 inch bait2.jpg

    Really good looking paint scheme! Especially for how few different colors there are
  5. I use a scroll saw for all my baits and lip slots. I hold the lip against the bait at the angle I want and trace on both sides of the lip with a fine pencil and then cut to the inside of both lines. I always need to take at lest two passes but you should be able to get any thickens you need by taking really light passes and testing the fit until you get it perfect.
  6. Thank you for running it Curt! I really enjoy the contest.
  7. Ryan V

    carved foil bait.jpg

    Where do you get gold foil like this? Looks great!
  8. I'm supersized at how few entries there are this year. I thought there would be more this year not less with how much time people have had with the lock downs.
  9. Ryan V

    Crappie Swimbait

    It's done with a scroll saw by stacking two different kinds of wood on top of each other and drilling a very small hole that you can put the saw blade though. You have to tilt the table of the saw at around 3 degrees so that after cutting out whatever shape you want the bottom piece fits into the top board with zero gaps. I filled the hole drilled in each piece with glue and ebony dust.
  10. This is a 6" crappie swimbait made entirely of natural wood. There is zero painting on this bait. Every detail was inlaid with a scroll saw. It is made from five different kinds of wood: maple for the belly, pine for the yellow of the upper back, green poplar for the back, walnut for the head and tail, and ebony for the black spots. I had to do everything twice to make two sides, and I joined the two sides with a center core of maple and poplar.
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