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  1. I ordered some spro little John blanks and they didn’t come w eyes does anyone know where to get eyes for them and what size?
  2. I appreciate the tips everyone definitely going to give them a try!
  3. Okay so I am doing some brush on epoxys, and it seems a lot of the time I get spots on my cranksbaits where there is an abscense of epoxy or will be streaky! I’m not sure how to fix this! And yes I am applying the top coat evenly and putting it on a turner!
  4. Hey guys, just wondering, I’m going to try to start pouring baits really soon and have seen hardeners and softeners on the different pages and just curious as to what those two components do for the bait?
  5. I understand this topic has been covered ,but haven’t seen a definite answer. I have to produce a lot of baits in a short amount of time and don’t have the time to make a lure turner large enough to finish a large number of baits. What are some good epoxies I can use without having to use a lure turner!!
  6. Does anyone have any ideas to do a chrome look on a bait? I’ve seen the people talk about using foil, but don’t know how to use it or where to get it!
  7. How much does those have to be thinned down?
  8. Does anyone have any tips or ways to get that iridescent look on baits, commonly seen on jerk baits, where the colors change when light hits it!
  9. Hey everyone, I’m beginning to paint baits for myself and a handful of friends. Has anyone know any other types of paints to use for airbrushing cranks besides Createx. The only place I can find Createx is 30 mins away and was just wondering if there were more options that I wouldn’t have to order!
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