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  1. hfcbaits


    loved the video for this one
  2. honestly not a terrible idea lol
  3. so I cut a tail slot on a wake bait I have been working on and I don't think my original idea of pouring some soft plastic out is gonna work. I was thinking of doing one with paint brush fiber. anyone have any experience doing this? I was thinking maybe using a glob of epoxy in the slot and sanding it down after but I am unsure of where to go from here.
  4. i've tried the disk but i use pretty hard maple most of the time. so it doesn't go too well. just not efficient enough.
  5. thanks guys. will upload some project pics soon.
  6. ive used guide blocks for cutting joints but not a lip. that might be a good idea to try.
  7. im using a suizan saw. really small kerf. pretty good saw honestly. can anyone explain the miter box a little better? or have a reference picture?
  8. ive used a coping saw, im not super great with it. but i just tried a japanese pull saw and it was pretty effective. for reference, i was already cutting it before i shaped it. but i just cant get good even cuts with a coping saw haha. thanks for the advice everyone.
  9. anyone know any solid ways of getting a good straight lip slot without a bandsaw? i've been using my dremel moto/coping saw and its been cutting a bit crooked. i have basic handtools currently. working with lexan if it matters.
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