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  1. Jig Man, I live on Greers Ferry. If you fish Bull Shoals you should know where I'm at. Been here for about 12 years and bass fish all the tournaments, except at night. After last Sat. tournament, it's time to start night fishing till fall. The wake boats are killing my back. Does anybody oxidize gold blades anymore to dull them? I just did 12, turned out good. Old timer who used to sell me baits for my tackle shop showed me how to do it. He would win most of the night tournaments locally 20 years ago. I haven't night fished in 20 years. Thanks, any special trailers to use.
  2. Was looking for an arm length on some 3/4 oz. spinnerbaits. How far back should my blade be for starters? Throwing a #6 Colorado. Any blade color better than others. Have plenty of black nickel hammered and non. I'll be fishing a clear, rocky highland reservoir in Arkansas. Thanks in advance.
  3. I don't know why I overlooked this. Just dipped in powder paint worked great. Thx.
  4. Just poured a bunch of v shaped titanium weed guards on jigs. Came out great. Problem is titanium is so sharp you get stuck a bunch during handling. Is there any kind of dip I can use to dip the ends in. I have tried everything I know with bad results. Anybody else have this issue? Suggestions please. Thanks in advance.
  5. Does the coating not burn off during the curing of paint?
  6. Looking for some input on wire weed guards for 3/8-7/16 oz. round head and 1/2-3/4 oz. football jigs. I have poured a few .024 3 braid pre-made guards. I'm not sure but, they seem to be too short for my 4/0 hooks. Don't mind cutting my own to get the right fit. What is the right fit? Any suggestions on type of wire and size would be much appreciated. Would rather cut my own. Live on a deep clear lake, lots of deep brush piles. Thanks.
  7. Icehockeyplayer

    saugeye bait.jpg

  8. Looking for colored spinnerbait spacer beads. Is 4mm to big?
  9. Weed less 3/8” for a med/heavy hook
  10. Thank you! I’m looking to make finesse spider style rubber jigs.
  11. Looking for a ball head jig mold with a good trailer barb on it? Any suggestions?
  12. Can anyone set me up with a ball head jig mold similar to the Little Jewel with a good bait holder?
  13. Guys new here. Anyone have a good way to unlodge sticking pre-rapala rattles.
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