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  1. There is some really inspirational stuff on here. I'm very often challenged by the quality put out by some on here! All Eyes posts stuff that just blows me away! Knitting isn't so bad, especially on those 100+ degree days...
  2. Hillbilly, I think many of us are at least a little strange... I had one of those when I was a kid (before my folks trusted me with a knife) and it was my favorite tool! I loved how I could shape wood with it. Seeing it on here, maybe I'll pick some up for my kids (and me) to work with. Great start! Keep us updated as you progress with this lure.
  3. Good call @mark poulson! Here it is sealed, with hooks and hangers dry-fit, and ready for the test tank.
  4. Okay, so I was out in my shop earlier and couldn't come up with something productive. Despite the many unfinished projects I couldn't find something to do so I started working on this...the combination wrench popper! As it is I figure I'll put the line tie in the tool face, with a belly hook at about 2 ½ inches and a tail hook. I'm thinking of putting lead for ballast and action in the locations designated by the drill bits. Before I start tinkering on this, what are your thoughts? Especially on lead placement, what would you change? Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Big Epp


    I'll give that a try. I like making lipless lures. Not sure exactly why, but I'm kind of on a swimbait kick right now. As it is, the head section stays relatively stable and the rear sections thrash around pretty well. I'm not thrilled with it, but it'll probably catch fish.
  6. Big Epp


    So yes, there is a second tie point, but don't read to much into it. And happy Father's day everyone (everyone who qualifies, that is)!
  7. Big Epp


    Yes, yes it is! When I first put the bait together I wasn't going to add a lip at all. Then once I did I didn't bother taking off the top tie point...
  8. Big Epp


    Redwood diver. Carved detail, a spritz of white paint on the belly,and D2T clear coat.
  9. Big Epp

    Red Arowana

    Carved PVC deck board arowana wakebait/swimbait. I did the scales with gauges, outlined them with a sharpie, and then used createx pearl colors. Clear coat is Devcon 2 Ton.
  10. Looks great, and catches fish, that's a win!
  11. Anyone use a stinger hook at night to help with hookups? I stopped using one during the day because I find it to be un-needed most of the time, but maybe at night it would be helpful?
  12. I have a smartphone I use for my pictures and I think I do okay with it. My sister is a photographer and uses her phone for a lot of product photography. The difference between my work and hers is astronomical! Lots of great entries this year!
  13. Well done all; congrats on great work!
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