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  1. Anyone try making tail-weighted lures for muskie or bass?
  2. Similarly I use a double cut. I make the first cut with the blade and then "shave" off the sides until it fits.
  3. If you can use lead, maybe you could take a barrel weight and cut it in half.
  4. Big Epp


    Nice! I love the versatility.
  5. Big Epp


    Very cool. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Big Epp


    This is very interesting. What exactly is it?
  7. Big Epp


    Interesting! Am I correct in assuming these are attached to the tail hook hanger?
  8. This picture has "bugs" in various stages of completion with a utility knife for scale. I use through wire in these because I make a lot of them out of willow branches and the pith in the center of the branch isn't a very secure place to glue anything. Also, these are around 1/2" thick, allowing very little space to glue stuff in. With the size of these guys I'm nervous to hook into a decent bass and bust the lure. I suppose catching a decent bass on one of these would be about like catching a muskie on a normal muskie sized bait, so I see the point of through wire for those toothy stu
  9. Someone has to be the Guinea pig...
  10. Rich, you did sound a bit like a grumpy old man in your initial post... but I completely agree with your sentiment. For most of my bass-sized baits (3-6") I use a twist eye from either .032" or .051" stainless wire. I haven't had any problems with any of my attachment points as of yet. Where I use through-wire most is in tiny lures. I've been making a lot of "bugs" lately, which are between 3/4" and 2." I put 1 or 2 size 12 hooks on them depending on how long they are. Most are made from a willow branch, though I just turned a few on a lathe out of redwood. While they are designed
  11. Big Epp


    Of these 3 the top one had the best action, the bottom one next, and the middle one was the most reduced. I messed up the lip on the middle one though, so that's a factor.
  12. Big Epp


    Right! There's so many things to tweak. These are all made from basswood scraps I picked up from the school shop after students made CO2 racecars. I'll make some from redwood once I get the design close and see how that compares. I'm really happy with this profile, now I just need to work out the details.
  13. Big Epp


    Caught some nice sunfish on a "bug" lure.
  14. Big Epp


    Caught some nice sunfish on a "bug" lure.
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