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  1. One of my uncles loves pink fishing lures. Fun idea!
  2. Big Epp


    these look great! I recently started making my own spinners and it's been a blast. I'm a counselor and made one with a teenage client. You should have seen his face light up when he made his own spinner.
  3. Big Epp


    EWG worm hooks on some for including flukes or other plastics.
  4. hey all, I recently started twisting inline spinners. I've been doing smaller ones (size 2 or 3 blades) and have had good success using .032" wire. Its the king that comes in a spool (2lbs!) And springs back into place, annealed I think. I'll try and drop a picture in the gallery. I've also got some .062" lock wire I use to make twist eyes for muskie lures. It is much more bendable than what I've been using for bass spinners. Would it work for twisting bucktails for pike/muskie? What type and diameter wire do you prefer for that application? Thanks!
  5. Okay, so I can't figure out how to find the gallery on my phone, so here are the functional spinners...
  6. I twisted up some spinners for use with soft plastic trailers. After reading the info here I added some more beads, and so far they work great! The one with brass beads in the picture didn't spin well. But when I added the extra beads in the other they worked great. I'll put another picture in the gallery of all the functional ones.
  7. Big Epp

    CA Sucker.jpg

    Very interesting. Great detail!
  8. Big Epp

    7” PVC crank

    nice work!
  9. Big Epp


    How is the carbon fiber to work with? It's a pretty unique look!
  10. Big Epp


    I recently ordered some stuff from LPO and had a great experience. I didn't have any need to contact them though, so I can't speak to that.
  11. Great input here! I use what's available and have tried all sorts of stuff. I prefer basswood and cedar. I've found basswood gets "fuzzy" sometimes and needs a little extra sanding. Sanding dust from cedar can be a respiratory irritant, so be somewhat cautious. I like to make little "bug" lures for panfish, and I've been using some redwood I got from a demo job I did. It carves like butter and is exceptionally buoyant. Problem is its not commercially available where I am located, so once I'm out I'm out.
  12. Great thread! I just made some spinners with whiptail blades. They spum great with no hooks, but when I added a 2/0 ewg worm hook and a fluke the blades stopped spinning. The exception was a panther Martin style blade that spun great.
  13. Big Epp

    Gill Detail

    Great idea! Looks sharp, and I'm looking forward to seeing the topwater bait.
  14. Big Epp

    Foaming resin

    Would it help to run a dehumidifier? I have not done anything with resin yet, so this is NOT coming from experience.
  15. Wow, I just read through this entire thread... mind blown! I am super pumped to try this idea! @Hillbilly voodoo, I bet this would be a dynamite action for trolling. I can't tell you how many times my uncle will "bump" the motor to try and get more action.
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