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  1. Good ideas guys, thanks for the insight! I'm going to tie some up and try them out as the water cools. Thanks for sharing those patterns. There are 3 primary bodies if water i fish locally. One has very stained water but gets a ton of pressure (lake Shabbona, in Shabbona, IL), another is a local pond that is also stained and pressured. The third is an old quarry thats 60' deep at its deepest point. The quarry also gets a lot of pressure. The best (and only so far) bass I've caught out of the quarry was on a bluegill colored jig with a 4" white twister tail trailer. I've caught a ton of bass out of the pond with spinnerbaits and plastics, but haven't fished a jig there much. Lake Shabbona has some good fish, but they get hit really hard throughout the summer. I'm hoping that throwing something different there might be helpful. @JD_mudbug I love the idea of trying some really natural looking plastics in the quarry. @smalljaw, I think I'll build my first bunch on 1/4 oz heads.
  2. I'm really not good at fishing with bass jigs, and can probably count on one hand the number of bass I've caught with one. I know this is a major area for growth, and I'm planning on working on that the rest of this fall and moving forward. I'd really like to tie up my own bass jigs. Where do you get your skirt tabs from? Granted, I saw the thread on here about how hard it is to get skirt tabs right now... Is there a color pattern you would recommend starting with? I think I'd like to start with a bluegill pattern, as that's what I've caught fish on so far. I also fish some really clear, high pressured waters. What tabs would you use to make a pattern like this? I found a YT channel by Smalljow, and that's been really helpful.
  3. I've been using .032" stainless wire for spinners, and it Panter Martin style blades spin really well on it down to size 1 or 2. The only problem I've fun into with .032" is when I've using easy spin clevises in the smaller size for a size 1 or 0 french blade.
  4. I sometimes use plastic lids (coffee can or baby formula) to cut patterns on. Its easy to wipe off the plastic to use multiple times. Lurepartsonline also sells patterns for painting. Like several others, I just started carving and spraying. Good luck!
  5. I've also mixed glitter in with epoxy (Etex Light) with good results. It did take 2 more clear coats of epoxy to smooth out, but it looks great.
  6. Agreed! I learned a lot about wood and carving using this method. It's also important to note that "free" doesn't always mean "trash." I've gotten free redwood, mahogany, basswood, and plenty of other quality pieces. Keep your eyes open and you never know what you'll find.
  7. @otsismi, you and I both used the solid metal clevises and Colorado blades, whereas the Mepps pictured uses a folded clevis and French blades. I added more beads with a smaller weight (1/16th oz.), but mine still didn't spin. Maybe there's something to that. I'll try double French blades soon and report back.
  8. I have been able to stack French blades as well, but not had the same success with Indiana or Colorado. This one uses either size 1 or 2 French blades. I had one with 2 size 1 Colorado blades that would spin some if I bounced them like @toadfrogsaid. The one I made with 2 size 1 Colorado blades wouldn't spinn no matter how many beads I put under it. I'm going to try it again with stacked French blades. I've used the double clevis from LPO. They are sized well for muskie spinners, but nothing smaller than that. I might try them with some size 4 blades for bass, but they'll probably look silly. Blade style makes a big difference there too though. I tried one with double fluted Indiana blades (size 7 I think) and couldn't get it to spin no matter what I tried. Must be a physiological impossibility. Also, I saw a guy makes a clevis holder that looks sort of like .22 brassica slots cut on both sides. I don't have a picture though, so you'll have to use your imagination.
  9. Big Epp

    In-line spinner

    Redwood body, size 4 hook, 2x size 1 French blades. Works great!
  10. Big Epp

    4 inch rattle bait.jpg

    Very impressive! Your finish is so smooth and looks great!
  11. Big Epp

    Lip punch

    I've been making small (~1") lures lately using aluminum for the lips. Initially I was using clippers to rough cut the shapes and then filing them to the final shape. The process was very tedious. I just bought some hollow punches and the little circles it punches out seem to work pretty well. Someone suggested I could get a punch made in the shape I prefer (I had been making square bills). Where would I go to get something like that made? A tool & die shop?
  12. I took my 3 older (6, 4, 2) boys fishing today in a local quarry turned lake. Wasn't long before they were digging for clams in the gravel bank, making rock castles, and finally splashing and basically swimming. By the time we were headed home my 6 year old was telling people they had been Scooba diving.
  13. Good ideas. I'm using a clevis, I wonder if it was larger (or ny wire smaller) the blade would spin more freely.
  14. Question, is there a way to keep the whole spinner from spinning? I've got some that work well, but I'm worried about line twists.
  15. good call with using cardstock! I often draw my patterns on paper, then if I like it I'll glue it to hard plastic to cut the pattern. A while back I re-sawed some PVC deck boards. The hard plastic on the top and bottom are excellent for patternmaking...and they shouldn't fade for 30 years...
  16. These look great! I've got plenty of ornaments that were supposed to be functioning lures...
  17. One of my uncles loves pink fishing lures. Fun idea!
  18. Big Epp


    these look great! I recently started making my own spinners and it's been a blast. I'm a counselor and made one with a teenage client. You should have seen his face light up when he made his own spinner.
  19. Big Epp


    EWG worm hooks on some for including flukes or other plastics.
  20. hey all, I recently started twisting inline spinners. I've been doing smaller ones (size 2 or 3 blades) and have had good success using .032" wire. Its the king that comes in a spool (2lbs!) And springs back into place, annealed I think. I'll try and drop a picture in the gallery. I've also got some .062" lock wire I use to make twist eyes for muskie lures. It is much more bendable than what I've been using for bass spinners. Would it work for twisting bucktails for pike/muskie? What type and diameter wire do you prefer for that application? Thanks!
  21. I twisted up some spinners for use with soft plastic trailers. After reading the info here I added some more beads, and so far they work great! The one with brass beads in the picture didn't spin well. But when I added the extra beads in the other they worked great. I'll put another picture in the gallery of all the functional ones.
  22. Big Epp

    CA Sucker.jpg

    Very interesting. Great detail!
  23. Big Epp

    7” PVC crank

    nice work!
  24. Big Epp


    How is the carbon fiber to work with? It's a pretty unique look!
  25. Big Epp


    I recently ordered some stuff from LPO and had a great experience. I didn't have any need to contact them though, so I can't speak to that.
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