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  1. Anyone use a stinger hook at night to help with hookups? I stopped using one during the day because I find it to be un-needed most of the time, but maybe at night it would be helpful?
  2. I have a smartphone I use for my pictures and I think I do okay with it. My sister is a photographer and uses her phone for a lot of product photography. The difference between my work and hers is astronomical! Lots of great entries this year!
  3. Well done all; congrats on great work!
  4. I personally enjoy using cedar, as it seems to balance weight, buoyancy, and strength well. Lots of folks use lots of different wood types, but cedar does seem to be fairly common.
  5. Welcome! There's another maker from Germany on here, though I haven't seen him post in a while. @fishordie79 He might have some specific insight on what you can find over there. I've dipped a lot of baits in Oil Modified Urethane gym floor sealer. You might be able to find something of that nature out by you. There are also a lot of moisture cured urethane products. I haven't used spray acrylics, but I've used a lot of spray enamels. They seal really well with the OMU sealer.
  6. Big Epp


    That makes sense! 8 sections would be a bit much. I really like how the paint turned out with the glue stencils, and I'll probably give it a try. I agree with @Vodkaman, a video would be great!
  7. Big Epp


    That pike is ridiculously cool!
  8. If you wanted something fishable, you could try a lipless crank or a glider. A glider might be more aestetically pleasing. With the density of the wood I'd imagine you would have to use very little ballast weight for a glider and minimal weight in the nose/belly/throat for a lipless crank. Please post pictures of what you come up with. Natural wood baits are beautiful!
  9. Big Epp


    I get that. It's definitely easier to use the ol' airbrush and some mesh. I talked with an old timer who carves fish, not lures, but decorative fish. He uses a gouge. I tried that, and it's pretty straightforward.
  10. Great, clever use of materials!
  11. I really like the translucence!
  12. Great idea man! The randomness of this pattern and simplicity of the process is really clever.
  13. Dude, I love your creativity and use of materials! The combination of details with the colored pencils and added carved detail makes for a really cool look!
  14. Nice! I make a lot of micro cranks from willow branches. It's fun to work with sticks like this, and your lure looks great!
  15. Big Epp


    This is pretty slick looking! Is that a chatter blade in front?
  16. Big Epp

    Tropical swim jig

    Looks great! I'd fish it.
  17. Big Epp


    Nice! Lots of flash with all those blades.
  18. Thank you for translating, that's exactly what I was referring to! I suppose a sewing machine reference my not have been particularly helpful.
  19. I know scroll saws usually use some sort of foot, kind of like a sewing machine, when cutting sheet stock. Perhaps this is why?
  20. Big Epp

    Wake Bait

    Wow! Lots of great feedback on here! @AZ Fisher, I feel like you just took me to school on this, and I am excited to put some of this stuff into practice. @Flaswimbaiter, I hate the feeling of painting one up and making look just great then having it not swim like it did previously. Nothing hurts quite like drilling into a nice paint job and clear coat to add or adjust some lead...
  21. Big Epp

    Wake Bait

    I made a couple wake baits loosely based on the Slammer. It was a pretty simplesrylewake to start with. I used about a 90° lip angle and it worked pretty well. Now I'm working on some to make with more detail and a realistic profile. It's about 3" long. I'm planning on using 2 joints and bristle fins. At some point I'm going to try the hinge style joint, but I'm working with twisted joints.
  22. Those eyes are really detailed!
  23. I suppose it's kind of like a hillbilly spinnerbait... This thing looks really cool. I bet the pike will smash it! I like your idea with the tail hanger!
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