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  1. I love it when we can find good local connections!
  2. This guy on etsy has a Squarebill called "Sunrise" that looks pretty similar: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Barebassbaits?ref=shop_sugg
  3. Big Epp

    14 inch pike.JPG

    Looks so good!
  4. I got one of these done with the lip in the original position (it was already cut). I did change the line tie location. Overall it swam well. It was more consistent when the line angle was parallel to the surface of the water. When I held the rod at a high angle it seemed like the lure was fighting the angle.
  5. Big Epp

    It works!

  6. Big Epp

    It works!

  7. Big Epp


    Looks good man!
  8. Also don't inhale the fumes deeply while smoking a cigar! (or maybe just don't inhale it at all? Your call on the cigar, although it seems risky to me).
  9. It appears to be (and I think it ways it is). I'll often fill a canning jar with it, quickly dip my lures, and then test them that way before putting anything else on it.
  10. Hey! There's a lot of people who will put a layer of epoxy down over the wood to seal everything and create a smooth surface for painting on. I often will use a coat of minwax wood hardener for a similar function. It seals the wood and creates a hard surface. After applying the hardener I'll sand it again to get a smooth base. I think there's some added value with using an epoxy base coat for muskie lures, as it creates some added protection from fish teeth. That's not something I need to consider most of the time, as I'm targeting bass primarily.
  11. My dryer vent detaches easily from the inside. I have some extra dryer vent material that I run from my spray booth to the dryer vent with a small vent fan to pull the air. Someone gave me a hobby spray station that has a filter and fan included, which is really neat.
  12. Big Epp

    10 inch baits6.JPG

    The elusive "Smuskie!"
  13. Big Epp

    10 inch baits6.JPG

    Man, these look SO GOOD!
  14. I mixed some hobby glitter into ETex Light and it worked fine. It was courser glitter, so it took another two coats to get a smooth finish, but everything set up well and looked great.
  15. Oh that terrible moment when I take a batch of jigs out of the oven and realize, "shoot! I forgot to clear the eyes!"
  16. Thanks guys! I figured I was getting too much paint on, but not sure what to do differently. I'll try one of those racks. My toaster oven is a pain to use for jigs, and that would be really helpful.
  17. I found out a guy I went to high school owns a sandblasting and powder place. I got a bunch of samples of various colors. My problem is the paint seems to be dripping off the top of my jig heads. I usually use a heat gun, but today I used a lighter. I rotated the jigs in the flame for about 5 seconds before dipping them in the paint. I moved them to a toaster oven when they had cooled and baked them at about 300 for about 20 minutes. Any ideas?
  18. Big Epp

    Mini Crank

    Way cool! That mold looks great too.
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