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  1. fishordie79


    Super clean, super cool, super creative. Awesome Ryan!
  2. Big Epp I got those for $5 bucks a piece from a guy in a tackle maker’s group on FB. He is also on Instagram at kaptainkevindesigns I think he can do red, white, and black if you or anyone else is interested.
  3. Thanks Eastman! Hillbilly voodoo man as soon as the water warms up I’ll sure try to get that picture for ya!
  4. fishordie79

    Crappie paint2.jpg

    Wow man! That is excellent:) Beautiful detail work! Those fins and gills are incredible!
  5. Thanks Big Epp! That’s the first popper I’ve made and thanks to you and the others it works like a charm:)
  6. Hey TU Folks! So this is the first billed/lipped crank bait I have attempted and I’m not sure where I should put the line tie. I rarely use these types of baits so I really just haven’t gotten around to making one until now. I’m thinking I should put it at the spot where the lip meets the wood for this style of bait but I’m just not sure. What do you folks suggest?
  7. @Big Epp @Anglinarcher I actually work on a US military installation in Germany and have a US address that can be shipped to there so most things you guys are able to get in the US I can still get here. The life of a US expat:)
  8. Because you mentioned packaging, do you happen to know a good place online where one can order bulk packaging suited to packaging lures?
  9. Hey TU Folks! Just wondering what you all use, if anything, to clean your paint brushes after applying epoxy? I usually just throw them away but I’m tired of being so wasteful. How do you all handle this?
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