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    Kinda new to this also, unfortunately like anything else there is savings with spreading things around. Barlows has alot and I find them to be the most convenient. Janns, lurecraft, Do-it, have a good selection also. So far the best deal I've found on plastisol has been baitplastics.
  2. Thank you Frank. I see what your saying now. I didn't realize that the twin-injectors come with a blending block. I don't want to throw good money after bad I'll look into the BT twin.
  3. I dont see how this would work, do you flip the injectors back and forth? Wouldn't this introduce air into the mold? Thats cool, but he is still using a block. The only blending block that I could find is from Bass Tackle and the cost is the same as the C-block. Is there any advantage that a blending block has over the Angling Ai C-block? If so what company do you recommend that I buy from?
  4. Thanks for the reply Frank. Should have looked before I asked, Lol. I found a video using the C-block, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBZsN3gdpd4
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    Oh boy

    Need some advice, I recently started to inject some baits. The mold I have is an Angling Ai ecto-craw 4" and I have been using a 6oz do it injector with MF plastisol soft which I had to add hardener to. This worked perfectly. What I'm wanting to do is make baits with a Mottled look, from what I have read a C-block and a duel injector are needed. Since I already have a do-it injector I plan to buy another injector and the dual conversion kit. The C-block will be bought from Angling Ai. My problem is that I am still unsure about how exactly to produce mottled baits. It seems that one would shoot some plastic and then rotate the injector and shoot some more? Or do you not lock the plungers together and alternate applying pressure between the two? Could one of you guy's walk me though the process? I'm also making a change from MF to bait plastics, 115.00 shipped for five gallons to good to pass up. Hope this isn't a mistake?
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