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  1. Thanks! I will try a probe and the infrared and see if I get a different reading.
  2. I do get a plug at the end of the plunger and it gets plastisol past the O-ring also. I am using a infrared thermometer to get my temps. Dead on plastix says to get temp to at least 350 so that it cures correctly. It almost seems like the rubber isn’t out of the gooey stage. I wouldn’t see how though because I’ve shot baits at 380 degrees to see if that fixed the issue and still the same.
  3. Great thanks! I will try backing the temp down and see what that does.
  4. Thanks. These are both injectors from Do It mold company. The temp fluctuates but I shoot around 350-360 a lot of the time. I’m pretty new to making my own soft plastics and still learning. Do you think that I could have gotten the rings to hot and messed them up?
  5. I am having a lot of trouble out of both of my brand new 4 Oz do it injectors. They worked fine the first couple times I used them but then they started getting build up after every time I would shoot a mold. It’s just getting frustrating having to clean the injector after every time I shoot a mold. I use dead on plastix and have lubed the injector with worm oil and it still hasn’t helped. Im thinking my o-rings may need replaced but they are brand new. Anyone else have this issue?
  6. Thanks! I’ll check it out.
  7. Does anyone have a recipe for Berkley green pumpkin. By looking at the chigger craw it seems to have very tiny micro red specks in it. It doesn’t look like glitter to me. Not sure exactly how to get the green pumpkin color as well. Thanks
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