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  1. Wow! Really great stuff- thanks for all the info. This should get me started on another fishing related hobby to spend all my money on . Can't wait to start painting!
  2. Awesome. Thanks for the info, Travis! That's really helpful
  3. Hey there- I want to start airbrushing my own hard baits (crankbaits, etc.). I know there are a thousand things I can get, but as I'm just dipping my foot in the proverbial paint, what are the basic supplies I need, and are there any brands/specific equipment that I should consider? I don't want to buy crap that I'm just going to have to replace as I dive deeper. Thanks for humoring a newbie!
  4. Perfect. That's really helpful. Thank you! Sounds like I need to use less paint, and for jigs I've already painted, use a paper clip. Thanks for your help!
  5. Hey guys- I'm pretty new to this. I've been curing my jigs after I powder paint them by hanging them on my oven racks, but I've noticed that many times they drip down a little bit, and I'm left with an oddly shaped jig. Last time I tried putting them on parchment paper on a cookie sheet, and that worked a little better, but it still wasn't perfect. What is the best way to place the jigs in the oven to cure them? Thanks for humoring a newbie question
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