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  1. I believe it is smell. 60yrs ago i use ro use softshell crawfish for trout all summer when we could find them. One time i was tired and just threw my line out with a softshell on it and let it rest on the bottom at a tailout of a hole. I watched two sea run cutthroat come swimming up river moving in a sigsag pattern and they were searching for my crawfish the closer they got to my bait they started swimming directly to were my bait was laying in water. One of them took my bait and i caught the fish. These two trout came upstream fifty yds or more. Softshell crawfish is so much better than peel
  2. Hagen's has the material and there is video on you tube telling how to por jigs using a lead mold

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    2. Robert l davis

      Robert l davis

      First time user but someone asked how to make floating jig heads and i saw how to do this on youtube using a round head jig lead mold. The problem is the material cost 50 dollars and will do thousands of heads.

    3. Robert l davis

      Robert l davis

      You can find video on you tube type in how to make floating jigs and that video will come up

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