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  1. So I'm going to be receiving my core shot mold from Angling AI soon (super excited). Does anyone have any tips for use? Main question I have is what do you suggest for lubricating the rods so they come out easy? Any other tips would be awesome. Thanks.
  2. I ordered from them last week and got my stuff this weekend. I've never personally called them though. Side note, they shipped me the wrong stuff. Ordered 4 oz, got 2 oz. I emailed them, no response yet. I've never had a problem with them before though.
  3. I got in touch with bait molds and they can make any size cavity. Thanks for all the info.
  4. Does anyone know if there is anywhere that sells these D'Bomb molds in a larger capacity than 1? I looked on baitmolds and the only one I could find was making them 1 at a time. Any help would be appreciated.
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