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  1. Dead On has Kraken, squid scent, never used it, but I know they have it
  2. I’m in Chicago, plastic and supplies all stay in the unheated garage full time, no issues, my issues are fighting rapid temp crashes as I try to do anything, have to move fast lol
  3. Kjsoxfan

    Molds fs

    What size/ type of dual injector do you have? See it says ultra/ Bears, is it a shooting star or normal injector with mixing block? If not a shooting star I’d be interested
  4. Just wanted to send a thanks out to all the peeps who answer the same questions over and over for those of us just starting out, the money you guys save us newbies is one of the only ways we can afford to get into this hobby! I’ve been reading the forum for a month or so, this is my first post. Haven’t really needed to ask anything, you guys have covered everything I can come up with. Thanks again, really appreciate it!
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