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  1. That’s exactly what I was wondering. Is the smoke itself bad if the plastisol hasn’t been heated past 400 degrees?
  2. If you were wearing a respirator would you have that concern?
  3. I have been doing this in the garage with the door open and a fan at each end of my table directing the fumes to the outside. I just can't help but freak out about the possibility of cancer or breathing in toxic fumes.
  4. Hello all. I’m very new to the world of soft plastic bait making and I’m pretty concerned about the health effects of plastisol. If I’m using a fan and wearing a respirator, along with using pthalate free plastisol such as the one Do It Molds sells, have I eliminated all of the chemical health risk associated with heating plastisol? I know there are always what I will call mechanical dangers such as spilling hot plastic or your Pyrex cup exploding and so forth. I feel I can mitigate most of those risk by wearing the proper PPE and just taking my time. However, I’m very concerned with the chemical side of things from a health standpoint. Any information you can share would be appreciated!
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