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  1. Looking for a little bit of help here... In the market to purchase a 3.75" tube mold from Angling AI. Not sure If the double dipper or the xl is what I'm looking for. Does anyone have experience with these molds? Better yet, would anyone be willing to run me a batch from them? Not concerned about color and I will pay shipping and buy the baits(not looking for handouts here). I contacted AI and was told they didn't have any samples. Any info/help is great appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I can only speak to the black bucket worm blend. I used it for 5" stick baits, no additives, and dead on color while letting set for 24-48 hours. I ended up with the same poor results. I even tried heating the plastic up slowly in a presto pot hoping that would make a difference. Baits would still rip after a few casts or after getting hung up in weeds. I'm glad you're having better results. Dead on does have a sampler pack which you can buy a few things of feather.
  3. It's official, I'm fully converted to Bait Plastics. I have been using 242 and 262. Both are awesome as far as durability and action goes. They held up well and caught fish on my recent trip. With free and fast shipping times, its hard to beat them IMO.
  4. A little update... I received my baitplastics 262 this morning and have been busy pouring. Already super impressed. Baits seem supple enough to maintain action, but stretchy and solid enough to maintain durability. Of course that means nothing if they don't hold up while on the water. I'll be headed out the middle of this week to do some testing. I will say, I notice more bubbles in this than I did with Dead On. The smell is also a bit stronger when cooking. I will at some point do a clarity comparison. However, none of those factors mean anything to me if my baits are unusable after 0-1 fish like they currently are with Dead On. I got sucked into the hype of the Dead On from various YouTube channels and I really wanted to like it, but if early signs are any indication, I will be sticking to baitplastics from now on. Updates to come.
  5. Thanks Dink Master and Fern. I read through your thread about your tube issues. Very helpful! I ordered some BaitPlastics this AM. I was getting so discouraged from the lack of quality of the baits I was making. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who experienced issues. I also want to try the EZ Stretch from MF at some point but their orders are 5-6 weeks out.
  6. I have been pouring for a few months now, and I have to say I'm getting pretty frustrated. I have been using Dead On Feather Craw plastic. There is a lot I like about Dead On, but even their most durable blend is ripping too easily for me. I have had craws lose their claws and worms lose their tails when I store them in the bags. Hook shanks will pull through the plastic from pulling them through the grass. Yes I have made sure that my plastic is thoroughly mixed before pouring and I tried shooting it at different temp ranges. I have even bought some baits from bait makers that use dead on and experienced similar issues. Has anyone else has problems with durability? Does anyone have other plastic recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  7. Has only been used a few times and is in excellent condition. Shoots great just like any other mold from Angling AI, I just decided to go in a different direction with my dropshot baits. Price includes shipping. Thanks for looking!
  8. One thing I've already learned is do not skimp out on molds. I started out with cheaper ones, and then after buying one angling AI mold, I just can't go back. I think the cheaper molds are a wise choice to use as a gateway to make sure pouring is something for you, but i'm currently wishing I had saved the money I spent on a few of the cheaper molds and invested in higher quality molds.
  9. https://epicbaitmolds.com/ I think they are new to the game, but saw they created a custom mold for Marling Baits. Their current selection looks a tad limited, but they appear to be made with great quality. The site also says that new molds will be added weekly. I'm looking forward to following their journey.
  10. Do we know of any update on this? That would be too bad. They have molds that i've been looking everywhere for.
  11. I'm in a somewhat similar boat as you, Jmericle. Be careful, its very addicting. I have found Worlds Worst Fishing on youtube to be a great resource. In this video he does a great job talking about pouring plastics for the beginning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax8QM6CZvvM I wish I had saw this early on.
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