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  1. Thanks Kevin, those look great. Are those metal beads directly before and after the clevises?
  2. Both true smalljaw, I was trying to do this with stuff I have laying around from my other spinnerbaits and my wife's craft supplies.... I have solid brass beads, appropriately sized blades and folded clevises, along with a do-it inline mold on the way from LPO. Thanks for all the input guys! I'll post a pic when I get one made.
  3. Thanks for the chart!! Where can I find the full version of that? I ordered some #4 folded clevises, #4 colorado & french blades. Along with some #5 inline blades. The clevises on these lures are #3 easy spins so I don't think they're too big. I think from everyone here and other info I found around the net that my blades were too small and incorrectly spaced. I'd like to take a second and thank you guys so much for your assistance here, this issue has plagued me for a week or so now.... Any other reference charts or technical information would be awesome!
  4. Yeah, high speed reeling and against heavy river current, colorado kinda spun big willow spun well but on those 2 I couldn't tell if it was just the blade or if the entire bait was spinning. The small willow had no spin at all. They all looked really close to horizontal retrieve.
  5. I realize I'm doing this in an unconventional manner. I'm just trying to challenge myself to create something original and unique. In the end I may just go with the flow, and do this the proven way....
  6. Here is what I came up with today. The small #3 willow blade didn't spin at all. The colorado blade kinda spun, maybe better if it was bigger. The size #4 willow blade spun well. There was a similarity between the colorado and large willow, I couldn't really tell if it was the blade spinning or the entire lure....
  7. What size blades are those? #4? I've heard that folded clevises perform more consistent than standard and will probably invest in them when I prove out the design....
  8. I'll admit that I'm not sure of the blade size to body weight ratio. I'm using standard clevis #3 with a #3 Colorado blade and/or a #3 Willow blade. The lure body is molded lead at 1/8 oz approx 3/4" long. But I am sure that the blade direction is correct.
  9. Hello, rookie at rigging inline spinners here. Problem is the blades didn't spin when I field tested my creations. Tried clevis/no clevis, beads in front of and behind the clevis different size beads as well. Not sure which way to go at this point, need to start learning the science behind the lure. Any help will be appreciated..... Thanks in advance!
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