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  1. Are you fishing for Murray cod? I saw a special on their return in Australia.
  2. Sjluea


    I'm a big fan of the craw-fish design, always have been.
  3. Sjluea

    IMG_6575 (1)

    I wanted a sinking lure, that's why i used the oak. The action is pretty good, but it works best when you twitch it every few reels; the back lip makes it swing side to side when you twitch it.
  4. Sjluea


    My first attempt at foiling a lure. 6 cm, floating, hand crafted with a through wire from cedar. Already caught a Bluegill in early spring on it!
  5. 7 cm handmade yellow perch patterned medium diving crank bait; from Michigan pine.
  6. Sjluea

    IMG_6575 (1)

    Approximately 9 cm, airbrush painted, foiled, hand shaped out of oak, homemade screw eyes and lip.
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