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  1. I sometimes make baits ahead of time for myself and leave them out till I want to use them and even those are cloudy before the lead head gets inserted. I will have to do a more controlled test to see what the culprit is.
  2. I do not soak my baits to cure, I hang them. I also do not use any heat stabilizer, I use the bait plastics saltwater blend as is (properly stirred with a hand drill and drill stir attachment). I have noticed that even the clear baits that I make a few weeks ahead of time get cloudy even before I insert the lead head into the plastic.
  3. The strip along the back (as seen on the bait with the green strip) is made of plastisol. markers and pens are not used in my process. Everything is plastisol, dead on plastic pigments and bait plastic flake.
  4. So this has never really been an issue for me but it is now bothering me after seeing other baits that do not suffer from this. I have been making tube jigs for a little under a year now so still learning. I typically make tube jigs that are clear bodied with a stripe of color along the back. My question is this, why does the clear section of the bait become sort of cloudy after a while. I have included two pictures, 1 of a bait that is freshly made with the clear section still nice and shiny/clear and the other is of a bait that has been essentially just curing on the rack for a few week
  5. Does it make the plastic brittle or is it pretty tough? does it discolor the baits? how long does it take for the plastic to get hard?
  6. I hear yah. A guy i spoke to on facebook that makes big tubes recommended using this copper stub out to make big tubes using the horizontal method. Ordered a few diff sizes.
  7. How much plastic would be be required to fill something like that up to the top?
  8. Since I posted this, I have been mixing mica powder with SB 3000 and brushing it on my baits and sealing it with clear plastisol. It has worked great so far.
  9. Thank you, Cami for your explanation. I look forward to trying this method out. Hopefully they can catch stripers too!
  10. Thank you for your suggestion, Cami. I have no experience making tubes in this fashion so I have a few questions. how does the rounded head form inside the pvc pipe? do you get consistent thickness results using this technique?
  11. I was just looking at piping for this very reason, i'm glad some have been doing it as it assures me it will work. I was even thinking about placing a smaller diameter tube inside and just filling it with plastic, the inner tube would be just a slightly smaller diameter tube than the one I would fill so the tube is not incredibly thick. figured if i coated the sides, it should slide right out.
  12. I've seen people mention this technique a few times from previous threads I've dove deep into. im assuming just bend the wire like an L and dip horizontally then set the rod vertically, let drip and do it again a few times?
  13. For the guys making big tube baits 8" - 10", what are you using to dip your rods in? how are you keeping your plastic hot (assuming your container doesn't fit in the microwave). what rods are you using for dipping? I currently make only up to 6" tubes and the pyrex cups i use are nowhere near the size i need to dip 8-10 inch tubes.
  14. Thanks. Just purchased it, I am excited to use it when it comes in. So I am using SB Clear 3000 and black mica powder to make the kill dots. what is the best way to clean this stuff out, i have very little experience with it as i just go it and have just been mixing it in a tiny dixie cup. should i just run water through it?
  15. I was suing the back on of a paint brush but it would leave a huge droplet that would take a bit to dry and while drying, if moved, the drop would move a bit and leave streaks. I started using a q-tip yesterday soaked in the paint like a sponge and dabbing it on the baits. The pic shows the result of that.
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