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  1. Well Hillbilly, ive tied a few now. This is my fist one. Not as pretty as yours, but it caught some fish. Ive gotten much better. But i thought you might get a laugh at this one i called Genesis... as you can see I didn't start the feathers till past halfway the hook. Give me your honest opinion about my first try and then I'll post my last one I tied. Still not as pretty as yours but very similar. And one more thing hillbilly, what is your opinion on using like real turkey feathers, owl feathers, Hawk, goose, hummingbird,
  2. Back to the picture with a crack in it. It looks like to me, maybe some moisture gotten to the grains of the wood and expanded and that would split the top coat the paint the sealant ,everything, every time
  3. Yea, the movement on that thing is NASSTY! But like Bill Dance always said, the most important thing you have to have in your tacklebox is confidence. My grandaddy always took me flyfishn when the willow flies hatch. We'd always fling a 2 bug set-up. Either big foam popper in the front, and a lil one tied off the hook of the big. Or same set up except tie your basic dry willow fly bug behind Big Pop
  4. Preciate it as always hillbilly. I'm a topwater Imma top water foam popper man myself. I did try something a little different this morning and caught for smallys in the creek. I put a little phone lip and it works pretty good until the second small mouth tore it off. I can make it splash or let it sink a little bit had a little extra wobble. I think I'm going to use a very thin guitar pick next time cuz I like the action it had on it
  5. Shepherd


    Has anyone used the GameChanger..? I heard it crushes Bass. Is anybody currently tying these right now?
  6. Is that because of the other Alloys within the shell cartridges? Could you these temperature in a kiln?
  7. Is it possible and more importantly safe to melt down brass bullet casings and pour them into jig molds.?
  8. Hate to say it but you got to pay to play. Especially for specific specifications such as you're requesting
  9. But in order for a tattoo artist to really grasp and put your idea on your bait they're going to need a detailed almost an exact sketch of what you want. Probably better off going with one of the guys on this website. It's the whole house the brain works thing. They may can understand exactly what you want without you exactly saying what you need so stick to the guys on this board, just another option I spit out would be a tattoo artist
  10. I may have got carried away a little bit about the clear coat... but I've seen some tattoo artist airbrush crankbaits and I turned out beautiful
  11. I started in the insurance business selling voluntary benefits with employers with five employees and up. I did that for about eight years travel the whole country. Then I started recruiting and train, this is where I can relate to their frustrating part. And I would drive all the way to Ogden Utah to train an insurance brokerage on how to sell benefits to government employees as we had a Union contract with nteu which is the national treasury employees union. I mean it's as easy as a layup. But he would never guess the botched applications and transmitters I would receive. I worked on commission they worked on commission under my hierarchy. So no Ticky no laundry. I remember many of nights where my power got shut off and I had enough money to feed my English bulldog and we would go down to my goat pens and look up at the stars
  12. Always found tattoo artist are pretty good at the things you mentioned. Ask for painting and even Sealing
  13. Haha.... you sure you're not a Stephen Hawkins? Dave you're becoming one of my favorite guys on this site
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