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  1. Someone pointed me to a sticky note that has to do with mold making and I lost the dang location . . . can anyone point me to it again.
  2. thanks Rick this is very good information. I do have something to pass on for those using Plaster of Paris. On my last pour I used refrigerated water and it added to the working time greatly
  3. Yes sir... and the sad part is they usually wide up losing in the end
  4. I know what you mean about people thinking your going after their job. Years ago when I was a leadman building furniture for private jets,Learjets and such, it was my job to teach the new ones. I was more than willing to train them until some would get the idea that now that they were trained they were as smart as me and sometimes tried to undermine me with the boss. That was when they "Graduated" and I'd let them realize you don't learn everything in a month of training. I do appreciate you sharing . . . makes things alittle easier and cheaper
  5. Thanks Mark, I really appreciated you sharing your expertise, your willingness to share really saving me some real time and hassles not to mention probably ruining a bunch of materials. When I as a young man I was a wood worker and there were people that when I was to ask a question, they were less than helpful. Turns out to them knowledge was power and since they might have learned the hard way they felt I should have to do the same. I was never that way, I was always willing to share what I knew and help them any way I could. I'm glad that you are cut from the same cloth. I'm retired now and live on a very, very low income . . . I've come to realize this is really not a cheap endeavor. I've always been a inventor of sorts and have started to do this on a shoe string, I'm starting out pouring my own molds, even going so far as to mold my baits out of clay as a master. I'm no artist but so far I'm having fun and little by little things are starting to come together. By the way that's a nice little bass you have in your picture, that's about the size we use for bait here in Texas . . . . of course I'm kidding. How much did it weigh? Where did you catch it? Did you catch it on one of your own baits? While I have bass fished all over this country my best was probably in the 6 -7 pound range. Well thanks again for sharing hope you and your family are staying safe in this crazy time we're living in.
  6. Didn't know that, more to buy I guess, I really appreciate your input. It really helps to get info from someone who has been around the block a time or two. So I need some stabilizer and softener . . . . hardener? Any thing else that comes to mind for this newbie?
  7. Wow , thanks that definitely will get me started in the right direction. I didn't realize that the additive would effect the distance in casting distance. My bait is pretty good sized so it will be interesting to see how this will be effected.
  8. Thanks Tiderunner, I really appreciate the info, was going to use a shade of black so that bit about the color is something that will prove helpful. If you don't mind me asking what's the ratio to get the bait to ride high in the water?
  9. I want to make a floating bait but have been reading that it will make the bait softer and washout the color so it takes more dye to get the color you want. My question is, will hardener added to the plastisol compensate for the softness and make it not so tearable
  10. Just a follow up on this subject. After doing research it is recommended to use vegetable oil or baby oil. Now since I've never done this with the hot plastic I wonder how it is effected by the heat
  11. Thanks Les, I appreciate your feedback. It's not that I think people trying to sell me something are lying to me but I don't trust em. Some people will tell you anything to make a sale. I prefer to hear from the folks that are actually using the stuff
  12. Thanks Les I saw some different models and it started me thinking about that. I guess it really doesn't make any difference in the grand scheme of things
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