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  1. Thanks, I give the courser salt a try.
  2. Hey Guys. Another question about salt. A buddy of mine wanted some watermelon Senkos with red/black flake and he wanted them heavier than a regular Senko. He said to load them up with salt. I realize that too much salt distorts the color and I tried to tell him that but he didn't care. "I want to taste it" is what he said. lol. I mixed up a 8oz cup of Bait Plastics #242 plastisol, with heat stabilizer, and went with it. The baits looked great until I added the salt in. It didn't matter if it was MF salt or ground up rock salt. What types of salts are you Guys using and what kind of quantities are you using to get to that 10.7 gram weight of a Yamamoto Senko? At what point is too much salt? Thanks, Rick
  3. Zeiner's carries the Do-It mold line. Their customer service is great.
  4. Side inject it is! THANKS Guys.
  5. I got a really nice 4" curl tail worm mold from BTS molds.
  6. Question? I couldn't find an answer anywhere(still a newbie). In which way is a mold consider either "top" injection or a "side" injection? Which one is the picture shown considered?
  7. As a 'newbie' with only a years experience I have found Bait Plastics to be very good and user friendly. They have about 8 different harnesses. You can get a sampler pack for $20. I like the #242 and a gallon is $39.99 with free shipping.
  8. Same here. I like the stuff from Bait Plastics.
  9. I've got me a recipe book with pictures of the very successful ones. Thanks.
  10. Thanks. I've screwed a bunch up.
  11. I think I'm over thinking this but I'm having trouble making a "bone" or "off-white" color for injecting. Any suggestions? Sorry if this has been asked before. Rick
  12. Who has the best jig trailer molds? Thanks.
  13. I was able to match the exact weight of the GY Senko usiing glass bead media for the first time instead of salt. Very little color distortion.
  14. Just a general question for everyone. Like a ton of us I'm trying to imitate the Senko. What brand of colorants are you using, especially the watermelon color? I've tried the Do-It and MF brands and they are nice but I just can't quite match the Yamamoto watermelon colored Senko. Thanks.
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