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  1. Perch imitation spinnerbait. Head and blades from LPO, skirt from Jig Junkies. This bait has caught me multiple pike already!
  2. First time making a hard bait, I'm building a small propbait made from pine wood. I just have two questions. 1. How do I know how much weight I need to add to the lure to get it to work properly? I'm more familiar with hard plastic lures which usually just use some small lead balls as weight, but wood baits are different. Obviously if I don't get enough weight that can easily be adjusted, but too much weight and the whole bait is ruined. 2. Can you put stickers or decals on a lure and expect them to hold and last a while underneath a protective coat? I have a specific design I want to put on the lure, but nobody makes a stencil small enough for me to paint it on. Of course, I could just make my own stencil but I'm not very good at drawing and a sticker of some sort is like the easy way out.
  3. Oh cool, that is exactly what I wanted to do! What tool(s) did you use to make the modifications?
  4. Hi, I'm brand new to lure making, and my goal is to fill in niches in lure types and sizes. I'd like to start with a bluegill swimbait, because where I'm at most of the fishing spots are small ponds where the main bass food is bluegill or small crappie. I'd really like to have a bluegill-looking mold that has a single weighted hook going out through the top of the bait, as I have several swimbaits with the hook molded into the bait through the top like this and they are decently effective, and I also know that bass eat bluegill from the front to avoid getting spined. The closest molds I could find were the BTS bluegill injection line-thru mold (https://www.btsmolds.com/swim-bait/45-bluegill-swim-bait) and the Lurecraft silicon open-pour bluegill mold (https://www.lurecraft.com/Plastic-Mold-832/productinfo/5X832/). However, the Lurecraft mold looks rather poorly made and would need some serious cleanup before I could use it, while the BTS mold is line-thru, not designed to be used with an internal swimbait hook like I want. I feel like only having a treble hook on the bottom and nothing pointing to the front would lead to not many hookups because of the way bass eat the bluegill. Does such a mold with what I want to do with it exist at all or am I just going to have to figure this out my own way? If it doesn't exist, is there any company that makes custom molds or is willing to take suggestions for new molds? Thanks, KTA
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