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  1. maybe i should retitle, you can only have 5 what would they be. you don't know where you're going or when. I'm thinking id go: 1. natural shad of some type 2. chartreuse sided something with a dark back 3. fire tiger 4. orange / red craw 5. natural craw
  2. here is a pic of a crank i was fiddling with the other day with a new to me mottling stencil, and some craw stripes, the stripes didnt turn out great but you get the idea. there are tons of different types of texture stencils
  3. i really like using texture, mottling etc type stencils. its a great way to add a little xtra realism and depth.
  4. As we roll into the hardwater season here in the north country means less fishing and more painting for me. If you had to pick your top 5 paint patterns what would they be? Do you like more modern stuff, or like the vintage look? Flashy colors or more natural? If you have pics or links to pics even better. I need some inspiration as i feel my artsy side is in a bit of a funk.
  5. I am looking for some heavy duty stainless wire for a though wire project. Minimum .062 but could use a bit heavier. Needs to be hard. Any recommendations?
  6. anyone have a good stencil they use for crawfish mottling?
  7. anyone here do spearing decoys? i was recently asked to do a batch. I understand the basic principles of the things and have everything i would need to build them but looking for some finer points on making good ones that work properly not just look good.
  8. if you want to see something interesting on scent. google taku ito scent powder. guy is one of the best bass anglers in the world. the Japanese fishing community is a huge believer in scent where they deal with extreme angling pressure.
  9. How are you guys clearing your jointed baits? Built myself some the other day and ended up clearing them (brush on) in two halfs then assembling them after. But want to do same bait as a though wire and clearly that wont work.
  10. lots of pro bass guys soaking baits in buckets of gulp juice. even if you dont see them. doesnt seem to chase any fish away. ive seen days im positive scent helped. some days it doesnt matter. but the days it doesnt matter im just going to be using a spinnerbait anyway lol
  11. i dont pour any but im a jig head and 4" guy for most things that swim. It seems like a good multi species size. I rarely find a need to go smaller but also go bigger and am surprised how big of a bait some fish will hit. sometimes the bigger baits its hard to find good jigs so then ill use a swimbait hook, or of course if i need to be in the weeds
  12. How are you doing paint brush tails? Have a couple of builds in mind i'd like to try.
  13. what are the blades?
  14. im pretty sure you can laser cut circuit board. get a dxf made and any local place with laser can cut them.
  15. the dimensional lumber can be a few things. If getting from a box store type of place i generally get from the finished woods section, its a bit more expensive usually but you get more consistent stuff.
  16. i use the thin super glue a lot when prototyping and building test baits. and use the gel on stuff like eyes, if using screws or twistwire. not sure how long the superglue sealing will last, but some of them baits are getting up there now.
  17. maybe like a vmc hybrid swimbait jig? has a screw lock. the do it screw lock would probably be pretty easy to mod to get the 30* hook in there
  18. most glides have a lot of belly weight, dropping the belly might help if it moves weight down. Does it sink level?
  19. kbs is pretty good for light lures. i like tru coat for bigger stuff, and it thins well with DNA but you have turn them to level. Im actually just in the process of doing a swimbait with KBS over Tru coat to see if i can get just a tad harder shell
  20. have had good luck with KBS pouring out of the jar in a dixie cup or whatever then brushing it on. Brush on then hang with drip wire. Use this on most of our personal walleye stuff. I usually just make sure the can is cleaned off and use a piece of plastic wrap and put the lid back on. Nothing fancy.
  21. there is no wrong in fishing. fish and have fun. try some stuff. no absolutes. like rapala "fixing" the wiggle wart i think new and unusual, erratic movements will always get them if you can fish them efficiently.
  22. you can vacuum form polycarbonate. lots of video's out there on the subject. i think that'd be the best way to make a slightly more complex shape vs a roll or bend.
  23. this is from memory...and that's shakey at times so take that into account lol lure was made famous on large charter boats that would take groups out and customers would cast out around the boat trying to catch walleye. its a great bait for counting down and catching suspended fish. i believe the extra wire is just bite off protection, done this way for simplicity. no wire leaders needed, and not having to re-tie from bite off's from pike. i dont think is a specific requirement for this to be a fish catcher, might be better with a flouro leader in fact. french blades give very even lift. so if you cast it, count it down to 10 ft, and steady retrieve it will tend to stay at 10 ft. this is also true on bucktail spinners. colorado's will have more lift and thump, will need slower retrieve. Willows have less lift and more flash, will need a faster retrieve speed. so just tools to you to use.
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