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  1. Awesome this will help me a bunch! Thank you so much!
  2. At the moment 350° just cause that’s what it says on the packaging. And as far as the glitter goes I’m planning on ordering some from lureworks. But shipping is high priced to just ship glitter lol. So I’m waiting until I have a decent sized order to place. What size glitter do you recommend starting with?
  3. It’s cheap glitter from michaels. It sinks instantly. I stir between pours and literally pull the butter knife out right before I dump it into the mold. I also think since the mold is pretty thick and takes longer to set up the glitter sinks into the bottom as it’s curing. I’ve only done 2 with glitter so far, and 1 regular without, plus I had 2 failed attempts.
  4. Oops sorry! I’m still finding my way around the forum. Thanks for letting me know so I know for future reference! Thanks for the kind words everyone. Tight lines!
  5. Hey guys, I’ve been following threads and peeking around the forum for a couple of weeks now. I finally got everything in to make my first open pour mold, which was an epic molds epic pud. I didn’t mix the plastisol up enough my first time, and I literally waited a half hour for it to set up, and never did. Just an ooey gooey mess. I finally got it down and took a picture of my first 3 successful runs and wanted to show you guys because I’m proud of it lol. All comments and criticism are welcome. Thank you everyone who have helped me so far, and all the extra information that was provided on h
  6. I’ve read very good things about the ones at bass tackle, and I’ve also read good things about a company that’s only on Facebook called quality injectors. I just ordered mine through them. $65 plus shipping for an 8oz.
  7. Well I can’t help much because I’m just getting started as well. Everyone here has been great and very helpful. I ordered 3 different blends of plastisol, a bunch of colors, an open pour epic pud mold, just ordered an injector and a 10 cavity core shot senko mold. I have almost $500 invested and I barely have anything. It’s expensive to start for sure. Your best bet is buying second hand CNC aluminum molds. I’m not on Facebook but I have read that there are a lot of soft bait making groups that specifically sell second hand gear. Plus there is a classified section here on the website as well.
  8. Right, it makes sense. Obviously you would want more action. I’ll have to play around with it to find the sweet spot. Thank you guys!
  9. Awesome thank you! The way you would make it a little more durable is less softener and a harder plastic right? Thanks for the recipe my friend.
  10. I will probably shoot mostly plain until I get the hang of it. I was just trying to see what everyone else does before I start.
  11. Hey everyone! Just ordered a fat guys fishing 10 cavity core shot senko mold the other day. I have 0 experience making baits yet. As I’m waiting for my stuff to come in, I figured I’d get the other things I need. Do you guys add salt or softener to the dead on blends for senkos? I have worm, swimbait, and craw/tube blend. Thanks in advance, I appreciate the help big time. -Zack
  12. I just ordered the 10 cavity core shot senko mold. They have a Labor Day sale going on.
  13. I was wondering the same thing. They have a 10 cavity core shot senko worm I was looking at.
  14. Are you guys using a vacuum chamber to remove the bubbles?
  15. So are these issues mostly with the floating blend? I bought 3 gallons of the black bucket blend. So hopefully since it’s meant to sink I’ll have better luck. Who knows. Whenever I get molds and try it out I’ll give an update
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