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  1. Newbie starting out with some Angling AI 5 and 6 inch swim baits and 3.5 phantom grub. What grade/strength of plastic from Bait Plastics should I look at using? These will be used in salt water, so I need something that will be good both for durability and action. I am originally looking at the 312 (saltwater) but wondering if it will be too hard for the grub's action. Thoughts?
  2. Trying to get into soft plastic bait making and looking for the following supplies to start out with. Figure I’d try here before I go online. Injector w locking tip- 4 or 8 oz Aluminum molds -swim shads (open pour and injection) , phantom 3.5 core shot grubs, core shot stick baits StankX open pour ribbed shad molds 2 box fans Dremel for mold masters
  3. Thanks for your response, great info! I've seen some makers stirring the 5 gallon buckets, so that makes a lot of sense. But I will prob be starting with 1 gallon jugs, which the inclination would be to shake it. What would you recommend in that case to stir it, aside from transferring it into a larger container or bucket?
  4. Hey guys. Hoping to start out on this new adventure and hobby and trying to put together a list of items and prices on what to start out with. So far, I'm going with a few hand pour molds, and then injection molds later. My question: I know bubbles are bad for baits... but how critical is a degassing chamber to prevent them? Any other means I can take to limit or prevent bubbling in the final product? Trying to keep my budget slim during the start up. Thanks!
  5. Wow that vid's awesome!!!!
  6. Hey... Long time fisherman from NJ, recently started watching some YouTube vids on soft plastic making and now I'm addicted! Working on getting some space in my garage set up before I get my needed supplies, but I am stoked to get started! I notice a lot of the vids are more geared toward freshwater baits. I'm hoping to mostly make saltwater baits, like shads and larger grubs. Any particular advice when it comes to that? Any recs for FW baits and molds that might work well in SW bays and ocean? Any other makers from NJ, or the northeast here?
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