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  1. yah, I see the "stir mix alot" system offered as well, do you have these auto stirrers w/o the lids? I've debated getting these but my issues are the following: 1. If I have prior plastic I"m throwing in to reheat which is solid how well do the mixers stir this plastic with liquid plastisol together? 2. can you regulate the speed of the stirrer? when I'm going into draw up the plastic will the blades clank and hit the injectors, or do I have to shut the stirrers off each time? 3. Do you own the closed lid "stir mix alot" system? my concern with those is how do they shoot laminates? seems like the bass tackle injectors wouldn't reach to grab plastic out of each pot when they are next to each other based on where the holes are located. I still stir by hand before each shoot
  2. I looked at your machine, very similar. my biggest question with these is, is there a faster method to transition to another color than, turning off hte machine, allowing the plastisol to cool, cleaning it all out, poring in your next batch of plastisol/heating mixing dye/glitter, etc.. and shooting? right now I have multiple presto pots where I will have 4-5 diff colors heating and I just move between each of them and shoot those colors into the molds they goto. So is can I purchase or do you have a separate method to purchase the plastisol containers and get those pre-heating with other colors while I'm shooting a color in the machine?
  3. what about this sucker from jacobs baits, anyone use this? https://stores.jacobsbaits.com/injection-press-pro-series-1/
  4. Anyone know how to make the appendages in baits opaque or less translucent when held up to light ? Is it just using more dye ? I usually use about 40 drops per cup. Or is there some other additive I can put in the plastic to achieve this ?
  5. yep, yep, great points. If I could afford clamshells I would, ha, but I also wouldn't be on here talking to yall if I was at that point :). I've got creatures, worms, swimbaits primarily and yah I'm going to be concerned about storing the swimbaits particularly, but honestly I haven't had a single complaint thus far in shipping my swimbaits in bags which will bend the tails and business is good. So people must not care as much as we think or have come to accept a level of deformation in the baits, and the bass must not Right now I just shoot, cure, and bag, so I shoot on demand which is wearing on me. Hopefully the inventory storage will work.
  6. how did you avoid the baits bending as they sat in your inventory ?
  7. yah I was leaning this way also, thanks. I found some sterilite white lid boxes.
  8. I'm at a point in the business where I need to store up baits and create inventory storage in containers or some other method to get ahead on future orders, does anyone have ideas on how they store up extra baits to fill future orders? thanks
  9. anyone know where I can get straight hologram giltter? I don't want silver hologram, just straight hologram glitter. I've checked lureworks, mf, and lurecraft and can't find this. thanks
  10. I'm doing some experiments with morton sun salt. It's super cheap $11.49 on instacart for a 50lb bag. I powderized it and this was a no go as has been said here, so I'll see if I can make it a littler finer than it is and see if this works.
  11. I'm still figuring out the salt situation as well. the prices for salt from the bait supply companies like mf and lureworks are way over priced. I got a 50lb bag of morton salt for $11.49 and it wasn't fine enough so I ran it through a blender which made it like a powder substance, but I'm still not convinced this was the right technique to make it smaller and I think powderizing the salt is thinning it out too much, since it started to clump on me. I'm going to try and use a different blender and blend it less to see if I can make the salt crystals smaller but not powder. as for color, making black/blue definately was not as black as compared to other vendors baits when I compared them side by side, and this was after salt was added. before the salt they were just as black as any other bait makers, so the salt is definitely changing the color.
  12. So where did this post end as to what we should all do? Is it just use this stuff at yur own risk? I use deadon plastix and if I heat to over 350 consistently I get more fumes but even where I shoot around 310-320 I still can smell it if I don't wear a respirator. So if I do this for the next 30 years will I get major cancer and die from the hobby? whats the final answer?
  13. Where do you guys get your padded envelopes from? I'm looking to put in a large bulk order for 5000 plus just can't find a supplier. thanks
  14. What about cleaning out the presto pot do you have to remove the stirring assembly and the wooden board mounted on the top each time or is there a simpler method? can you send me the links for buying the paddle stirrers you guys use? thanks
  15. I've been using the presto pots now for a few weeks and I've been stirring right before I shoot. although this isn't ideal and I want to advance into what is described here in this thread I'm still working out the pros/cons . When using salt does the auto stirring paddle keep this suspended as well? And when you draw up the plastic with a dual injector using 2 pots do you have to shutdown the auto stirring paddles? thanks
  16. I got into soft plastics about 3 months ago and never realized how much this stuff sells. I've got a day job that pays well but it sucks. I'm trying to get some advice from others who found a way to do this for a living and what their thoughts are on the other side. Pros/Cons, lessons learned of running a small bait business thanks
  17. There are definitely some different styles here with regards to presto pots and if you should auto stir or not. Frank here as you can see just stirs occasionally, no auto stirrer, where as others construct these fancy auto stirrers. Why go through all the work on an auto stirrer if it's not needed is my question. thanks
  18. So how do you keep the plastic from bubbling if it's constantly being stirred? It seems like air would constantly get into the plastic due to constant stirring. thanks
  19. how many RPM does the stirring motor need to be? will this work? https://www.ebay.com/itm/US-Stove-6039HF-6220-6500-Agitator-Stir-Drive-Motor-1-RPM-80488-PH-CCW1H/282631439769?hash=item41ce258599:g:4GAAAOSwgy5Zk2q0
  20. Yah, honestly I didn't realize how easy it would be to sell baits. It feels like stealing candy from a baby. I'm at a point where I gotta free up time by scaling to meet up with the demand to not allow it to consume all my free time. thanks for this. I'll post the link to lurecraft who does his distribution now. https://www.lurecraft.com/Hot-Runner-Plastic-Pot-Stirrer/productinfo/2X186/
  21. https://www.amazon.com/Presto-Kitchen-Kettle-Multi-Cooker-Steamer/dp/B002JM202I/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=presto%2Bpot&qid=1609702887&sr=8-1&th=1 So this gear motor for stirring. where do you buy it? this seems to be the missing link in the puzzle from all my reading. this seems to be an item that people mckgyver a lot and it requires much more "technical knowledge" to assemble/create than I have.
  22. I'm curious with all of these answers were the baits stored in plastic bags putting pressure on the tail rudder in an awkward way and still didn't separate? I have to use oil in many of my molds to keep the baits shiny, when I remove them I cure em for a day and put them in plastics bags and have had custom complaints of tails separating. I'm wondering if perhaps the oil and the cure time being only 1 day may be a factor.
  23. would this work? https://www.amazon.com/StirMATE®-Smart-Pot-Stirrer-Rechargeable/dp/B076HH4WZM/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=pot+stirrer&qid=1609627875&sr=8-2
  24. I got the bella mini deep fryer but I'm having issues with burning of the plastic aruond the heating element. It burns the plastic and than there are chunks of burn plastic floating amoung the "good plastic" ruining the blend. any ideas?
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