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  1. JD thank you so much for the detailed information you provided that will be very helpful for me moving forward Andy.
  2. This sounds really interesting Hillbilly have you got a link for the thread please? Andy.
  3. Thanks again for all the info JD, really appreciated my friend Andy.
  4. Can I ask where you guys get all of your blades/props from please? Andy
  5. Thanks for the input LHL I enjoyed reading it, the Z bend you mentioned is a great idea! Did adding the ballast eliminate all body roll or just help? Your bait looks really cool I like it Andy.
  6. JD That's some very good information thank you I will certainly take that forward into my design thoughts. I'm already liking the Idea of a cup washer on the bait, the Z bend from the later posts is a top idea aswell. That's something I'd never thought about either until now... the counter rotating prop blades! This has certainly given me something to go at and try out, so big thanks JD. Andy.
  7. Thanks for your input JD I will be having a good look over the video you linked. So it sounds like a small adjustment to the wings can make a big difference to the wobble. You have given me a good starting point regarding wing position, so thank you my friend. As for the prop bait I was thinking of either a single prop or front & rear props, as I am yet to design or build this type of lure, I would be interested to learn what the differences are by having the props located in different positions, pros & cons? Many thanks again Andy.
  8. Hi all, So as the title suggests I'm looking to make a few lures that are totally new to me, I would like to ask if any of you can give me some pointers to what design features make a crawler work well and what design features make a top water prop bait work well please? I would like to make a chunky 4"-5" crawler bait & a 6"-7" prop bait that throws a lot of water. I would be very interested to hear your thoughts and hopefully learn a little from you, any mistakes I can iron out before I make a start on the new designs will help massively Many thanks guys Andy.
  9. Hi all, Can anyone give me information as to what material mass produced lures are made from please? I understand it's a kind of plastic, but I'm wondering if there is a specific type used for lures, regarding strength, buoyancy etc? I may be looking to have some parts made in China, but will not have all components made under the same roof, for obvious reasons. Many thanks Andy.
  10. I think in this case you may aswell give it a try see if your resin idea works, do some testing If the resin does not hold up after testing then you already have the mould shaped with the correct bib sizes, so you then just pop an aluminium or lexan bib in before pouring next time. I will also be trying out what you are, I'm a few months off yet though, so your feedback would be awesome I'm still waiting to test some jerk/glide baits I made months ago Andy.
  11. UKandy

    Gill Detail

    Looks cool man Andy.
  12. it was a good watch though, you don't see too many videos like that explaining the weight points etc, I thought it may help some with getting closer to a decent action if starting out, I'm yet to build a diver, but will be shortly! Andy.
  13. Hi guys, I came across this video today, I found it interesting so I thought I would pass it on. Hope it's useful to someone Andy.
  14. Very cool good information thank you. Andy.
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